Choosing The Location Of The Terrarium In The House


The terrarium in the house is not only a hobby for one family member, but also a way to revitalize and diversify the interior. It is very interesting to watch unusual animals that you will not find on the street, this is actually a personal "live" Discovery channel, available 24 hours a day. But so that the animals living in the terrarium are comfortable, and the terrarium itself becomes an interior decoration, you should carefully think about the choice of its location in the house.

Requirements for a place in the house for a terrarium

  • The terrarium should be indoors in a heated room. However, keeping a terrarium near the battery is unreasonable. In an air-conditioned room, a terrarium is extremely rare, only when keeping certain types of animals. Attic rooms, which are very hot in the summer and do not have time to cool during the night, are not suitable for species susceptible to heat.
  • the terrarium should be well lit, best artificially.
  • the temperature drop in the terrarium should be negligible.
  • the terrarium should not interfere with the passage.
  • The terrarium is located in a well-observable place.

Where is it better to place a terrarium?

Depending on the size of the terrarium and the conditions of its inhabitants, the location can be:

  • wall (hanging option. between the cabinets);
  • window (for mesh terrariums);
  • in the corner on the stand;
  • Terrarium picture built into the wall;
  • terrarium stand, for example, which also serves as a coffee table, the top of which is made of glass, and the walls of the stand are three glass and one mirror;
  • terrarium built into the furniture;
  • if the place in the apartment or house allows, terrariums built into the interior wall partitions look very impressive.
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Perhaps the easiest option is wall mounted terrarium, for mounting which special brackets are used. The advantages of a suspended terrarium include simplicity in placement and maintenance. You can hang it in almost any room that is not intended for domestic use: for example, above a bedside table, a desk, in the interval between the corner of the room and the window, between the cabinets, etc. But you need to consider that this option is not suitable for all animals. So, for terrestrial and especially loving animals, an impressive layer of soil is required, which greatly complicates the structure, and, as a result, the fasteners may not withstand the load.

Terrarium Stand It serves not only for keeping exotic pets, but also serves as a bedside table or coffee table. However, a terrarium in the form of a coffee table with a glass top is not the best option: it is inconvenient to maintain, and the animals are frightened when the person suddenly appears in the "window" from above. are in constant stress.

AT terrarium on the window You can keep animals resistant to seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. One of the requirements for this arrangement of the terrarium is a wide windowsill. You should also take into account the fact that under the influence of direct sunlight the temperature in such a terrarium will rise very quickly, and this can cause death for many reptiles and amphibians. The advantage of this option is that it can place beautiful tropical plants, and at the same time additional lighting will not be required.

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Choosing The Location Of The Terrarium In The House

Where can I not have a terrarium?

  • having a terrarium above the rest areas (bed, sofa, etc.) is a bad idea, because garbage can get onto furniture when cleaning;
  • the close location of the terrarium with computer, audio or video equipment, in particular on the same shelf or above the equipment, can lead not only to its pollution, but also cause damage and even fire if there is water in the terrarium.

Whatever place you choose for the terrarium, you need to remember one simple rule: the home for your exotic pets should be in harmony with the interior and decorate it. An apartment or house is, first of all, housing for a person, and the terrarium should in no way interfere with any member of the family. It is very important to observe safety when installing the terrarium, both yours and animals. Shelving, fixtures, bedside tables must be durable and support the weight of the terrarium, taking into account its filling.