Equipment In A Terrarium For A Turtle


Equipment In A Terrarium For A Turtle

If you decide to have a turtle, for its comfortable maintenance you will need not only a terrarium, but also special equipment. What is this equipment and what exactly is it intended for? Let’s talk about this in our article.

Terrarium Equipment with land turtles

For turtles, it is recommended to purchase a spacious rectangular terrarium. A lid with ventilation holes should be attached to the terrarium: it will protect the turtle from invading children and other pets. The size of the terrarium depends on the type of turtle and the number of pets. Its dimensions should allow pets to move freely.

Soil in the terrarium is not only an element of decor, but also the key to the health of a pet. The lack of soil provokes deformation of the extremities and abrasion of the skin, as well as colds. As soil for land turtles, it is better to use flat pebbles or coconut fibers (coconut crumbs).

To ensure that the turtle is not cold, a lamp with a capacity of 40 to 60 watts is installed in the terrarium. The air temperature in the area of ​​the terrarium under the lamp should be about 30 degrees, while in the "cool" part. approximately 23 ° C.

If an incandescent lamp gives heat, then an ultraviolet lamp replaces the sun. Ultraviolet light is necessary for a turtle for healthy bones and carapace, and its lack provokes rickets and other serious diseases. An ultraviolet lamp should work 10-12 hours a day.

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The thermometer allows you to control the climate in the terrarium.

The feeder and drinker must be stable. For several turtles, it is recommended to purchase several feeders and drinking bowls. The most suitable place for the feeder is the illuminated area of ​​the terrarium under the lamp. Do not forget that the feeder is placed in the terrarium only for the duration of feeding and immediately removed after it. The water in the drinker should always be clean and fresh.

Set in a terrarium with tropical turtles.

At will, the terrarium is decorated with decorative elements safe for the turtle.

Terrarium Equipment with amphibian turtles

Equipment In A Terrarium For A Turtle

The aquaterrarium must be reliable and spacious. Optimum dimensions for one amphibian tortoise: 76x38x37cm, total volume: 80 l, water volume: about 35 l.

It is better to use flat pebbles as soil for the aquaterrarium.

  • Islet (for amphibian turtles)

Amphibian turtles need a stable island. From time to time they will get out on it to warm themselves and relax. Choose an island for the size of the turtle, the pet should be able to easily climb on it.

  • Point light source

The lamp is located above the island at a height of 20-30 cm. The lamp provides an optimal level of illumination and allows the turtles to warm themselves.

  • Water filter

A powerful filter is necessary for the aquaterrarium, which will eliminate pollution, turbidity and unpleasant odors.

Heaters (thermoregulators) allow you to maintain the optimum water temperature in the aquaterrarium.

It is recommended to place special artificial ornamental plants in the aquaterrarium. Amphibious turtles pull out living plants from the ground and eat, so it is not recommended to place them in the aquaterrarium.

  • Means for the preparation and purification of water
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The health of an amphibian tortoise is directly dependent on water quality. To optimize water performance, use specialized professional water treatment and purification products (for example, Tetra). Never fill the water area with unprepared tap water.

To control the temperature of air and water.

Above we have listed the basic equipment for terrariums with land and amphibian turtles. Of course, there are no limits to perfection, and there are other solutions in order to make the life of pets even happier and the terrarium more spectacular.

Over time, in consultation with specialists and gaining experience, you will learn how to equip a terrarium in accordance with the standards of keeping a pet and your own desires for its design. And for those who value ready-made solutions, manufacturers offer off-the-shelf sets of aquatrariums with equipment and decorations (for example, Tetra ReptoAquaSet). Bright choice to you!