Eternal Light Bulb Terrarium

In this publication, we will consider how to make an eternal terrarium from an overheated light bulb. To make it, we need an incandescent light bulb, we can experiment and see how the terrarium will look like in a small or large light bulb. After all, technology is important, not the form in which the flora will be laid. You can use any suitable utensils. In two videos of the SLIVKI SHOW channel, you can see the initial state and how everything lives in a few months.

But before you start work, do not forget to wear gloves and goggles, because small glasses that can fly apart when preparing a light bulb can be very dangerous.

Eternal Light Bulb Terrarium

We take sharp pliers and take out the metal contact from the base of the bulb. To do this, split the black insulation and remove the glass contents out. Now we need to find a screwdriver and break through all the excess inside the bulb, since we need a clean blank. Be careful with glass fragments, make sure that the fragments do not hit you and the floor.

We got an empty tank, into which all plants and soil can now be laid. On the street we find a beautiful stone, on which we make several points with hot-melt adhesive. They will play the role of soft legs for structural stability and the furniture will be protected from scratches. On one side we smear the hot glue and fix the bulb at an angle. Here is a place for your imagination, you can give our eternal terrarium any position.

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Now you need to go to the forest to find the ingredients for the terrarium. We need forest soil, moss, which is very well suited for our purpose, since it is very hardy, looks beautiful and unpretentious. For beauty, you will also need a tree bark, pieces of dry branches and an acorn, which will be a cork for a light bulb.

At the bottom we fill a few small stones, they will play the role of drainage. Pour sand over the pebbles, and then add forest soil. For convenience, you can use tweezers or wooden sticks, which are almost abundant in almost every house.

Now with the same tools we beautifully put fauna objects and others that you like at the bottom of the light bulb. We almost reached the finish line. It remains to make a few strokes.

Pour in a few drops of water. If you managed to capture several acorns in the forest, you can also use them to decorate the eternal terrarium. If you do not find acorns, use a piece of branch from which you can make a small cork. Instead of stone, copper wire can be used for delivery. As a result, we have got a beautiful mini terrarium made from an ordinary burnt out light bulb. Its eternal properties are that it is tightly closed, but it not only does not become detrimental to plants, moreover, it creates a closed ecosystem in which plant life does not stop. Microflora is formed inside, the use of carbon dioxide is the production of oxygen and the water cycle. It is like a small planet with its own conditions in which some species may die, while others thrive for decades.

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Now adding after 6 months.
than six months have passed since the creation of the first terrarium, and now we will see how it looks. This is a small terrarium that we made from a light bulb. That’s how he looked at the very beginning. And so now! Apparently, when it was created, the grass seed got inside, and it grew to such a size that little is visible inside. Some blades of grass die off and turn into fertilizer, which will feed the next generation.

Next in line we have a large terrarium, in which we settled a colony of goosebumps. But unfortunately, no one is visible. Apparently, they all hid in minks and seem to sleep. Only occasionally sentinels go outside to scout the situation. Here the scout got on some corpse, had a fight with him and went on. Let’s plant them a little caterpillar and see what happens! By the way, there is a bug, probably, there are many more forms of life besides goosebumps. After a moment, the goose apparently found a caterpillar with a scent, hugged it and tried to pull it out of the feeder. Then another came, and the three of them went into the hole. And for dessert we will treat them with honey syrup, and then the goose bumps were more active.
Cookies also enjoyed watching. There, behind the stems, one of their minks and from there ripened the help. A few minutes later they were already sitting on top of each other and drinking syrup.

Grass seeds were also caught in this terrarium, and one grass sprouted the entire length of the terrarium. This is how its vegetation looked at the time of its creation. And now, as of now! It would not hurt to mow the lawn. From the back, goosebumps carried out excess soil, digging their passages. Look how big the centipede is hiding here! What do you think she eats?