Flower Terrarium


Flower Terrarium
Flower Terrarium

Flower Terrarium
Flower Terrarium

What is a flower terrarium?

By and large, a flower terrarium. it is a closed system in which one or more flowers live. It differs from other types of terrariums in that animals do not live there. Must have a drainage system that protects against acidification of the soil.

There are several types of flower terrariums. they differ in the place of germination of flowers and plants from the flower terrarium. That is, there can be both arid flower terrariums and tropical flower terrariums. It can also be said that a properly designed flower terrarium requires only light and heat.

What are flower terrariums for?

First of all, a flower terrarium. This is a place that differs in habitat from the room. Therefore, this type of terrarium is intended for plants that will be problematic to grow in room conditions. These include flowers that require high humidity, and for their sake no one will turn a room into a bathhouse. The next most important is the beauty of the flower terrarium. After all, an ordinary plant growing in a terrarium looks extremely unusual and attracts attention. And in a closed system, plants grow better and are less susceptible to various kinds of diseases.

Types of Terrariums

There are several classifications of flower terrariums. First, in size: there are mini-terrariums and standard ones. Usually one or two flowers live in a mini-terrarium, but several can live in a standard one. There is also a division by region where the plant resides. i.e. plants can be hygrophilous, moderate and not loving moisture. It is on this basic basis that the types of terrariums are divided.

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How to make a flower terrarium?

Production of flower terrarium. quite a simple matter. You will need a closed transparent container. In principle, you can use a simple jar, but, of course, its beauty will not be up to par. Therefore, it is best to use an aquarium or a purchased mini-terrarium. then your plant will look pretty compelling.

After you have selected the foundation, pebbles or stones should be poured onto the bottom of the future terrarium, covered with a net on top, and then covered with soil. With this option, the humidity inside can be very high, but the earth will not become sap. In conclusion, you should plant a flower and put it in the sun to grow (unless, of course, this is not a shady plant).

In conclusion, I would like to once again note the beauty of flower terrariums. Having made yourself such a house, you will see how well and beautifully it fits into any environment.