Guide To Creating A Terrarium With Succulents


If you are too busy, forgetful, or think that you are a hopeless grower, we want to tell you about the terrarium or florarium from Succulents. Cut flowers quickly wither, and Succulents will stand for more than one year. These plants are especially good in winter, when everything around them hibernates, becomes covered with snow and looks inconspicuous.

The created terrarium will give you the opportunity to enjoy the greenery of the living world at home. Yes, those same miniature gardens that were popular in the Victorian era have returned again. Of course in the first place this is due to ease of care, but an important factor is their natural beauty.

To create a terrarium, you will need:

Step-by-step instruction

The main layer of crushed stone

Guide To Creating A Terrarium With Succulents

He will be the basis, which has good drainage properties. Do not forget to rinse the tank well so that bacteria are not present in the small ecosystem that you are going to create.

Layer of special nutrient soil

Guide To Creating A Terrarium With Succulents

Make sure that the soil for the Succulents is kept in sealed containers. This will save your terrarium from mold and other diseases.

Layer of decorative crushed stone

Guide To Creating A Terrarium With Succulents

You can make several thick layers so that from the side you can see beautiful layers of different soil.

Arrangement plan

Use your vision, imagination and just enjoy the process. The main thing is do not worry: if something does not suit you, you can always make corrections.

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Planting Succulents

Guide To Creating A Terrarium With Succulents

Once you have finished working with the decorative layers and outlined a planting plan, make small indentations in the soil and plant the plants in these holes. It is necessary to fix the plants well in the soil, since Succulents do not have strong root systems.

Decoration and decor

Decorate the surface around the plants decorative stones and other decorative elements that you like. For these purposes, any natural objects are suitable, for example, you can use glass, stone or wood.

Guide To Creating A Terrarium With Succulents

If you want to create an imitation of a river, you can put blue crushed glass. And to give modern and noble features to our vintage terrarium, you can use gilded objects.

For reference: unlike the terrarium, the florarium has a narrowed inlet that can be closed by a lid. This is done in order to maintain a more or less constant microclimate inside the vessel. That is why caring for flowers in such a capacity is easier.