How Is The Terrarium For Flowers

How Is The Terrarium For Flowers

Similar plant terrariums have become a great alternative to traditional flower pots.

Today we will learn how to make a terrarium with our own hands. And as plants for the terrarium we will use succulents.

What do we need for work?

any decorative elements to your taste (use if you are going to present a terrarium and decorations will be thematically related to the holiday);
succulents for terrarium: echeveria (1), portulacaria afra (2), Crassula the Hobbit (3), Crassula Schmidt (4), Kalanchoe (5), sedum (6).

You can choose other types of succulents, the main thing is that they are small in size and varied in texture and color. One of the plants should be “main”. in our case, it is echeveria, which will become the center of composition.

The sequence of manufacturing the terrarium We begin with a drainage layer with a height of about 3 cm, which we lay on the bottom of the glass sphere. Succulents do not tolerate stagnation of water, so they simply need drainage.

In our case, we created it from colored glass pebbles. For these purposes, any fine pebbles, expanded clay, etc. We took color glasses exclusively for aesthetic reasons.

Sprinkle the drainage layer with prepared soil for succulents 3-4 cm high.

You can use a universal earth mixture, but in this case sand is added to it.

We transplant succulents into our terrarium. Try to pick a variety of plants. In garden centers, you can now find whole sets of succulents about 10 cm high. We will stop at them.

In the composition, it is important to emphasize to which other elements will obey. In our case, such accent will be echeveria, which has a faulty outlet.

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Other plants will harmoniously complement it. Otherwise, the terrarium will look like a tank planted with the same plants. And this will make the composition “boring” and monotonous.

Now pour a layer of decorative soil. Often, such fine and medium gravel is used in aquarium farming.

It is found in a variety of colors and is sold either by weight or in various packaging. from small to large.

Buy the smallest packaging because we don’t need a lot of such stones. In our composition, they will serve as a decorative element and keep the lower layer of the earth from shifts.

To give the composition a complete look, we place some decorative element in the terrarium. It may be something contrasting, like this decoration in the shape of a heart.

How Is The Terrarium For Flowers

It can be a beautiful stone or a shell. If you are a fan of naturalness, then you can not add decorative elements.

Small tips for the care If you plan to give the composition, do not forget to share with the gift a few tips for caring for the terrarium.

First of all, succulents do not need abundant and frequent watering.

Water that glass down after irrigation should not rise above the level of the drainage layer.

Keep in mind that there is no drain hole in the tank, and stagnation of water is fatal for succulents.

details about watering succulents can be found in my article Watering Indoor Plants.

And second. do not place the terrarium in direct sunlight. In the glass sphere, the stems and roots of plants will quickly overheat. It is best to place it in a sunny room with shading from direct rays.

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In general, such a terrarium requires minimal maintenance, so it can be recommended both as a gift and for cultivation by beginner growers.