How To Arrange A Terrarium For A Red-Eared Turtle

How To Arrange A Terrarium For A Red-Eared Turtle

– How to arrange a terrarium with red-eared turtles?
– How to equip a terrarium?
– What decorations can be used to design a terrarium?

In most cases, the common design of a terrarium with a turtle comes down to backfilling the soil and pasting a film with an underwater or rocky image as the background, sometimes they also put a stone.

In fact, a terrarium with a red-eared turtle can be turned into a fabulous biotope, and then your terrarium, in terms of quality of design, will not be inferior to a well-designed freshwater or even a marine aquarium.

We offer a terrarium decoration service and use those decorations that, in our opinion, are most suitable for this purpose and that are not unimportantly safe for animals, turtles and fish.

Not every soil is suitable for decorating a terrarium with a red-eared turtle. Fine soil is dangerous because the turtle can swallow it, it gets dirty faster and it is most difficult to clean fine soil.
In principle, it doesn’t matter to the Red-eared Turtle what you sprinkle with it, but if you decide to beautifully design the terrarium, use coarse soil with a fraction of 4-6 cm

We use large imported soil, which is also polished to everything else, it looks great in a terrarium and is easy to siphon.

It is not necessary to fill the ground with large slides or a thick layer, it will be enough, just cover the bottom of the terrarium or aquarium.

It’s not worth talking about living plants, because in a matter of hours the turtles will simply destroy them, but it’s still possible to try decorating with artificial plants.

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In most cases, turtles do not attach importance to them, trying to bite another leaf of an artificial plant once, they understand that it is not edible and no longer show any interest in plants.

To design the underwater part of the aqua terrarium, we use various plants: plastic, silk, etc.
It is very important that the bush with the plant has a load, then the turtles will not be able to tear it out of the ground.
The surface of the terrarium, we draw a variety of hanging plants that are designed for this purpose.

It is not advisable to decorate the terrarium with artificial plants that have steel wire in the stem; in a terrarium, a humid environment and the wire will begin to oxidize and rust over time.

As a decoration for the terrarium, in principle, you can use everything that decorates the aquarium.

Decoration can be various grottoes, driftwood, vine, large boulders or stones of layered rocks, voluminous backgrounds. But, acquiring jewelry, do not forget about the turtles, which will live among them.

The rubella-eared turtle will grow up over time and it will require a lot of space for swimming, therefore, decorating the terrarium with grottoes and large stones, do not overdo it.

As a decoration for our "Grace" and "Atlant" terrariums, we use special large plastic decorations in the form of roots, stumps and snags.
Background driftwood sticks to the sealant, they are great for decorating a terrarium, do not spoil the water and do not rot. Background driftwood gives volume to the underwater landscape, while taking up little space in the terrarium and does not prevent turtles from swimming.

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In the background, we are using a Yuvel background film. The film perfectly creates the general mood and perfectly harmonizes with the "background snags" and other decorations and grottoes.
Regarding the design of the terrarium, you can contact us, we will do it beautifully and professionally.