How To Choose A Terrarium For A Tarantula

How To Choose A Terrarium For A Tarantula

After reading this article, you will learn how to choose a terrarium for a tarantula, what size it should be and what is the difference between a terrarium for terrestrial species of spiders and a terrarium for tree species.

Choosing a terrarium for your tarantula is very important. Your pet’s well-being and how many years he will live will directly depend on this choice. If we talk about the young of tarantulas, they are sold in a saucepan from wasabi. As a rule, such spiders rarely exceed the length of one and a half centimeters. I recommend replacing such spiders immediately with at least a salad bowl of at least 10x6x5 centimeters in size. In this capacity, the spider will be able to molt twice. I do not recommend planting small tarantulas immediately in large terrariums, because this will greatly complicate the feeding of the spider and it will be difficult for him to keep up with prey. As the spider grows, it will be possible to increase the size of the container.

Before planting a young tarantula, pour at least 1 centimeter of coconut flakes on the bottom of the salad bowl and moisten it slightly. You can also put a little shelter so that the spider does not get scared. In the lid, you need to make pieces of 10 holes of small diameter of about 2 millimeters. This is done in order to provide good ventilation and so that the air does not stagnate.

Be careful! Little tarantulas are very nimble! Be careful not to let your pet run away. My little spider tried to flee from me twice already.

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When he runs away, just put his hand up and let him run on it. Do not be afraid, he will not bite you. Just do not make sudden movements so that the spider does not fall or be damaged.

After the spider grows up, it can be transplanted into a large container. Dimensions terrarium for adult tarantula should be 40x40x40 for terrestrial species of spiders and 40x40x60 for woody ones.

Such terrariums are made of glass or plexiglass, have front doors and ventilation on the floor, above and on the sides. Such terrariums cost about 600 rubles. You can also make a terrarium yourself. The most important thing is the dimensions of at least 40x40x40 and good ventilation.

If your spider belongs to terrestrial species or to burrows, then it is necessary to pour at least five centimeters of coconut flakes to the bottom. I also recommend putting a few pieces of bark. This is done so that the spider has the opportunity to dig a mink for itself. It will not be superfluous to put shelter in the terrarium. In my opinion, a very good shelter is half a coconut shell.

How To Choose A Terrarium For A Tarantula

If your spider belongs to species that live on trees and shrubs, then you need to equip the terrarium with it a little differently. First of all, the terrarium should be high. About 60 centimeters in height. The bottom area in the terrarium for such species of spiders is not so important. Next, you need to pour about three centimeters of coconut flakes, and place the branches in the terrarium. Tree species of spiders weave an air web just on such branches. These species are more demanding on humidity in the terrarium, so it should always be maintained at 80 percent.

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It is very interesting to watch the hunt of such spiders. They can catch prey on the fly. And besides, they are very good at jumping. It is worth considering this fact and knowing this feature before starting such a spider. By nature, woody species are much better than burrows and in most cases shy, but in terms of beauty, few can compare.

Very beautiful spiders of the genus Avicularia, in addition, even a beginner can contain them. It is only important to monitor the humidity.