How To Choose A Terrarium For A Turtle

How To Choose A Terrarium For A Turtle

For the convenience and comfort of your new pet, you need to create good living conditions. The recommendations described in this article will help you with this.

So, the terrarium for one turtle, the size of which does not exceed 15 centimeters, should be 60 x 40 x 50 cm at least. If there will be two such turtles or one will be significantly larger, then the size of the animal’s dwelling should be 100 (120) x 50 x 50 cm. As a rule, the size of the turtle is taken for the correct selection of the terrarium. That is, if its length is 10 centimeters, then the length of the terrarium should be at least 100 centimeters, and if the width of the animal is 5 centimeters, then the width of the tank should be 50 centimeters.

Terrarium for land turtles must fit the size of the animal. With an increase in the number of turtles, the size of the terrarium should also increase. For a turtle, the terrarium should not be high, but it must be long with a side rim of at least ten centimeters. The optimal height of the sides for land turtles is 20 centimeters. The container must be covered with a lid with holes and provide good ventilation. The terrarium does not have to be glass; it is possible to use impact-resistant plastic, plexiglass or wood. All walls, except the front, it is better to seal a beautiful background to your taste. This is necessary for the safety of the turtle, which does not always see the glass walls and beats the shell against them. The shape of the terrarium can be square or rectangular. Sometimes round containers are used, but for an animal this is not entirely convenient. For greater convenience, both for you and for the animal, it is necessary to use various auxiliary aquarium accessories. The most needed items are:

  • 40-60 W heating lamp, sitting under which your cold-blooded turtle will bask and digest food. In the wild, they like to lie on the hot sand and bask, enjoy the warmth of the sun. And for home maintenance you need to create optimal conditions that are as similar as possible to natural ones;
  • an ultraviolet lamp for reptiles, which also emits a lot of heat and light;
  • soil from which it is possible to make not only a beautiful "interior", but also organize an ergonomic environment in a terrarium. As a filler, pebbles, wood chips, sawdust and sand can be used;
  • the feeding trough is simply a necessary accessory that helps to maintain cleanliness in the terrarium;
  • a thermometer is needed to monitor the temperature in the aquarium. The optimal temperature for the animal should be 35-37 degrees;
  • a swimming pool and hydrometer are needed to care for tropical species of turtles;
  • the house can be installed as desired. In such a house, the animal will be able to hide from annoying looks, if she wants to just relax or sleep. Such a house can be half a ceramic pot, a house for rodents and other household items.
How To Choose A Terrarium For A Turtle

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