How To Choose And Arrange A Terrarium For Achatina Snails

Achatina snails are quite often chosen for the role of pets. Having decided to settle these giant mollusks in the apartment, you should definitely understand the issue of their placement and choose the right aquarium for them.

Capacity selection

Terrarium for Achatina snails is necessary, since in nature creatures live in warm areas, and therefore temperature fluctuations can be fatal for them. An aquarium or a container allows you to maintain a stable atmosphere. Usually, For Achatina, either a standard fish aquarium, a reptile terrarium, or a regular plastic container is purchased, with transparent walls and a removable lid. The terrarium is considered to be the most convenient, but aquarium tanks will provide the necessary temperature and ventilation. The tank must have such a volume that one individual has at least 15 liters of free space.

How To Choose And Arrange A Terrarium For Achatina Snails

over, it will be necessary to consider that Achatina grows over time and an aquarium too small can become cramped after a certain interval.

The lid must have openings that provide the necessary ventilation, without which the snails will die. In general, 3 it will not be possible to do without shelter, since the pets may well escape. The capacity is considered optimal in size, the length and width of which are at least 30 centimeters, and the height ranges from 17 to 22 centimeters. A round fish tank for Achatina is not welcome. In general, the more spacious the tank turns out to be, the more comfortable it will be for pets.

For a newly born clam, you can use a regular food container, and after some time already transplant it into a 15-liter tank. Do not take a container of a vertical type. it should be wide, but not high. Otherwise, the snails crawling onto the roof run the risk of falling apart and being seriously injured.

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How To Choose And Arrange A Terrarium For Achatina Snails

However, a height below 17 centimeters is not considered successful, since an adult can become crowded in it or it just gets stuck while moving.

The main materials for the home of snails are plastic and glass. But experts do not really advise taking glass containers. Achatina snail is fragile, and a shell falling onto a hard surface can be fatal to it. The constant interaction of the shell and the walls of the tank of an already grown creature is not particularly comfortable. In addition, the glass slides, and the adult will experience stress from the constant sliding off the walls. The severity of the tank itself complicates the cleaning process. Of course, glass is an environmentally friendly material that keeps clean longer, but the number of minuses alone does not outweigh this advantage.