How To Choose And Equip A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise


How To Choose And Equip A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise

Device features

Before choosing a terrarium for a land tortoise, you need to familiarize yourself with the functions that this device performs. Suitable for keeping reptiles terrarium meets the following requirements:

  1. Dimensions should correspond to the size and number of animals. the minimum area of ​​a pet’s dwelling should be 5-6 times its own size; the average parameters of the terrarium for one adult turtle (up to 15 cm long) are 60x50x50 cm.
  2. The height of the sides is at least 15-20 cm (taking into account the soil layer), otherwise the grown pet will be able to escape.
  3. The shape should be comfortable. it is better if the aquarium has sliding or removable walls, this will facilitate cleaning.
  4. Materials. only environmentally friendly and safe for the animal (plexiglass, plastic, wood, glass). The surface of the materials should be smooth in order to wash away dirt easily.
  5. Ventilation. reptiles cannot be kept in stuffy containers where there is not enough air, so a high aquarium for a land tortoise will be a bad home, it is better to choose wide models with relatively low sides. If a closed-type terrarium is purchased, there must be openings for ventilation.

If the terrarium for turtles has transparent walls, the pet often does not see them and beats on the surface, trying to get out. To avoid this, it is better to glue the bottom of the tank on the outside with a special background film for aquariums.

IMPORTANT: In order to correctly install the terrarium, it is better to choose the shaded side of the room, where direct light from the windows does not get. Sun rays can cause overheating of the walls, especially in the summer. If the temperature inside the terrarium rises above 36-40 degrees, the turtle may die.

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Types of devices

Terrariums for land turtles are divided into several species, each of which is suitable for certain reptiles. The main differences are noticeable in the design of the devices:

  • Open. represent a rectangular horizontal container with low sides and without a top cover; it is well suited for Central Asian turtles, accustomed to a climate with low humidity. The advantage of open devices is the ability to conveniently arrange the lighting on the sides, it is easier to clean there.
    How To Choose And Equip A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise
  • Closed. designed for guests from a humid tropical climate (star turtles), have a top cover that allows you to maintain the desired level of humidity and temperature. the lid will additionally protect the pet if there are small children or large animals at home.
    How To Choose And Equip A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise
  • Corners. land turtles in nature travel long distances looking for food, so if it is possible to increase the future home of a pet, it is better to expand it to 1-3 sq.m. Such a pen can be placed on the floor in the room, if the apartment has no drafts and the temperature does not drop below 26 degrees. If it is not possible to equip a permanent pen, you can allocate a special place in the apartment where the reptile can safely walk under supervision.

How To Choose And Equip A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise

Based on the models on sale, you can build a terrarium on your own. It is easiest to make it of wood, but the walls of such a device will absorb dirt, so you will need to pre-treat the wooden surface with protective impregnations. hygienic models will be made of glass or plastic, which can be glued with glue-sealant.

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Necessary equipment

To properly equip a terrarium for a land tortoise, you will need to select the necessary elements for the comfort of a pet, as well as purchase and install special equipment.

How To Choose And Equip A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise


Land turtles have long enough claws designed for digging the soil, so you can not keep them on a smooth surface, this can lead to deformation of the paws. It is better to equip the bottom unevenly so that areas of harder soil are interspersed with loose, where the reptile can dig. As the soil, you can use sand, small pebbles, but it is better to refuse classical sawdust, the animal will inhale and swallow small particles of the tree.


It is a flexible hose, closed by insulation, with a heating element inside. Such a hose is buried in the ground at the bottom, which provides the effect of "warm floor". It is recommended to install the device if it is cold in the apartment and the lamp cannot heat the terrarium, if the temperature level is sufficient. additional heating from below will damage the animal.

Incandescent lamp

An ordinary 40-60 W lamp is suitable, but it is better to use special bulbs with a mirror surface, they scatter light less, directing it with a beam. The lighting device must be suspended 20-25 cm above the ground, the temperature under it should be kept within 28-32 degrees.

UV lamp

It turns on for several hours a day, so that the turtle receives the necessary dose of ultraviolet, you need to hang an ultraviolet lamp at least 20 cm above the surface to avoid the risk of burns.

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Shaded corner

Turtles like to change their place of residence, basking part of the day under the lamps, and spending the remaining hours in the shade, the recommended temperature in the shadow corner is 22-25 degrees.


The place where the pet can hide is a wooden or plastic box of a suitable size, you can also equip a canopy.

Feeder and drinker

Heavy ceramic saucers or ashtrays with a smooth surface are suitable, for stability they need to be buried a little in the ground.


To monitor the internal temperature in the aquarium, it is better to glue a special flat thermostat on the wall.

If the terrarium is too dry, spraying must be done daily to increase air humidity. To do this, it is recommended to purchase a container with a spray, spraying with cool water. If the humidity on the contrary is too high, you need to place a soft bath mat under the soil layer. its porous surface will absorb excess moisture.

IMPORTANT: The tortoise for a land tortoise will look more spectacular if it is decorated with decorative elements. picturesque snags, beautiful stones, corals, shells. It is necessary to ensure that the objects do not have sharp edges or thin details that the pet can bite off. You can also plant live plants, cereals. the turtle will be happy to eat up shoots.