How To Create A Terrarium

Recently, exotic animals (lizards, snakes and others) are increasingly popular, for the maintenance of which you need to have a good terrarium.

How to build it? Let’s talk about it. First of all, it is worth knowing that in a good terrarium there is a light source, temperature regulator, ventilation, drinking bowl, shelter, and a source of ultraviolet rays. If kept in the house of amphibians or reptiles, leading a semi-aquatic lifestyle, you need to build an aquaterrarium, which is similar to a regular aquarium, but contains a large number of islands.

How To Create A Terrarium

For the manufacture of the terrarium, any materials can be used: glass, and plexiglass, and wood, and solid PVC, etc. Terrariums can be frame (large), or made entirely of glass and plexiglass (small). Frames for large terrariums are made of metal corners or wooden bars. The frame, both wood and metal, must be protected from moisture. The tree can be treated with hot drying oil and covered with furniture varnish, or painted with epoxy paints, which are good for metal frames. The ceiling, walls and floor can be made of multilayer plywood.

One of the main points in creating a terrarium is proper lighting. There cannot be too much light in the terrarium, and you should not save on light.

Heating is also needed. The heat source should be located on one side so that there is a difference in temperature, and the animal itself could choose where it is better. Under heating, you can decompose stones or plates that will retain heat and help your pet bask not only from above, but also from below. The heat source can be domestic heating lamps located in a mesh box that will not heat up so that the animal is not burned.

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The terrarium must have a ventilation system. If it is not, lice pets will not breed, and some species will slowly die. For small terrariums, it is good to use thermal convection. Its outline is simple. Air, heating from a heat source, rises up, and cold drops down. But, if the same air comes back, it will be wrong. Ventilation must supply fresh air to the terrarium.

Water should always be in the terrarium. If amphibian is contained at home, then you need to know that it absorbs water through the skin, you can say that it drinks through the skin. Therefore, the air in the terrarium should be fresh, and there must be a bath in it. It must be drowned in the ground, and so that it does not have to be very often cleaned of debris brought by animals, it must be covered with pieces of bark or thin natural mineral tiles. The bathhouse should not be too deep, otherwise it will be difficult for the animal to get out of it. For these purposes, you can make a special ladder of stone, climbing on which the animal can get out. Of course, this or that amount of water depends on the pet. For someone, a small drinker is enough, for someone a whole aquarium with land areas. There are animals that drink, licking dew drops. For them, you need to create an imitation of dew, fog. To do this, every day, morning and evening, the terrarium is sprayed with a spray gun. Water is used either distilled or boiled.

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Some animals require a humidity chamber. To do this, take any shelter with a small inlet located on a pallet. The pallet is filled with moss, peat or wood chips, which retain moisture well. The box itself can be covered with moss. The filler needs to be moistened all the time, and there will always be a high level of humidity in the chamber.

Shelter for the animal is necessary not only to maintain moisture. It can be not only artificially made houses, but also various snags, bark and more. In any case, it should be easily removed from the terrarium, and have a small size, because the animal will be calm if it senses the skin of the wall of the shelter.

A source of ultraviolet rays is mandatory in a terrarium, in nature it is. The sun.

In the house, you need to install quartz lamps. The location between the lamp and the animal depends on the type of animal. I also decorate the terrarium, plant it, add soil.

Of course, creating a good terrarium takes a lot of time and effort. But the result is worth it.