How To Equip A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise


How To Equip A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise

Housing sizes for an adult land tortoise with a shell up to 15 cm long are 60 × 40 × 50 cm, for a larger individual. 100 × 50 × 50 cm. A plastic container or tortoise is suitable for the baby. A long low drawer is provided with a mesh wall for ventilation. The back and side walls are covered with a special background resembling photo wallpaper. Some individuals do not see transparent glass and beat against it with a shell.

Terrarium primer

Land species love to dig in. As a substrate, sand, shell rock, coarse pebbles, wood chips, pressed sawdust, hay are recommended. The coating thickness is 4-6 cm. Walking on a glass, plastic floor is undesirable: it deforms the limbs, grinds the claws. Sand, pebbles, stones are calcined before laying.

It is recommended to combine the substrate: soft soil where the pet is digging. Hard. where the claws grind. For example, sand and pebbles. The sand is better small so that the animal does not get stuck. Calcined, washed with dust. After laying, moisten to compact. If the pet eats sand, then vitamins, calcium are added to the diet and the substrate is changed. For quarantine, use white paper without printing ink. Instead of sand, beginners recommend pressed sawdust for rodents.

Terrarium lamp

Reptiles are cold-blooded animals. Normal activity is provided by a temperature gradient. A bright zone with the highest temperature (30-32 ° C) and a darkened zone with a low temperature (25-27 ° C) as pleasant as possible is organized in the dwelling. Shelter is placed in a cold corner. there the turtle is resting. Not from the side, but above a warm territory. as in nature. they hang an incandescent lamp. Include for the whole day.

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To keep the temperature at 30-32 ° C, the height of the heat source is regulated in the range of 20-40 cm. Experimentally select the right one, making measurements at the level of the shell. The area of ​​the light circle should cover the entire turtle. In this case, the animal warms up evenly.

Land turtle sleeping at night. To organize the daily temperature difference, as in nature, turn off the heating. If the thermometer in the terrarium shows at night below 20 ° C, then it is heated with an infrared or night lamp that does not give a visible spectrum. Bottom heating. thermal cords, thermal mats. are recommended to be used occasionally in cold weather. Continuous use leads to stress on the kidneys.

UV lamp for terrarium

So that the pet has a strong shell, the skeleton develops correctly, calcium is needed. Its assimilation occurs under the influence of ultraviolet rays on an animal warmed up under a lamp. Window glass delays UV. Therefore, a lamp with a UV spectrum is needed in the terrarium.

You can’t do without it. two weeks after the cessation of exposure, health problems arise. Critical for babies and pregnant women. The UV lamp is turned on for 10-12 hours, turned off at night. The fluorescent layer burns out over the course of a year; therefore, it is replaced annually with a new one.

Optional equipment

A hygrometer allows you to measure humidity in a terrarium. The device is fixed to the inner wall in a cold corner. If the readings are lower than recommended for the maintenance of the species, spray sand and walls. The temperature regulator will automatically turn off the heating if the temperature in the home exceeds 35 ° C.

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The turtle feeder is heavier. it will kick the container on the floor. With low sides to reach the food, round, wide. Ready-made models meet the requirements well. In most cases, the pet drinks while swimming. bathing days are arranged two to three times a week. Or receives the necessary amount of water from lush vegetation. There is no concept of hygiene in turtles: they can use a drinking bowl as a capacity for a toilet. Therefore, the feeders must be washed every day and change the water in the drinker.