How To Equip A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise


How To Equip A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise

  • Terrarium Size

The size of the terrarium is one of its most important characteristics. The size of the terrarium depends on the number of animals that will live in it, their breed and size. Your pets should be comfortable in their home, they should be able to freely move and relax. It is better to choose a rectangular terrarium with a lid: it will prevent the possible escape of turtles and protect them from other domestic animals (cats, dogs) and small children. There must be a vent in the lid!

  • Terrarium material

For turtles, models from almost any material are suitable, whether it be plastic, glass, etc. If the walls of the terrarium are transparent, the turtle may not notice them and crash into the walls with a shell. In this case, you need to create a limiter, for example, to glue the lower part of the terrarium with a matte film (7-10 cm).

Turtles are quite unpretentious, and those days, while you are busy with the equipment of the terrarium, they will spend well in the most ordinary cardboard box. Alternatively, as a temporary house, for turtles, you can build a small pen directly on the floor, for this, protect the area of ​​the floor with a solid structure.

  • Terrarium Equipment

To make your turtle comfortable, just a terrarium is not enough. It is also necessary to install equipment in the terrarium. there is not much of it, but your turtle really needs it, because thanks to it it will be warm, light, satisfying and comfortable.

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Well, let’s start with the main one: of course, the turtle should have a stable, comfortable feed tank and separate water tank. If you have several turtles, then there should be several troughs and feeders. Please note that the feeder is placed in the terrarium only during the feeding of the turtle. The best place for a feeding trough is a corner lit by a lamp. After eating, it is better to clean the feeder along with the remnants of food.

In addition to food and shelter, the turtle needs warmth and light. To do this, in the corner zone of the terrarium set one lamp for heating, under it, your turtle will bask. As a rule, the power of such a lamp is from 40 to 60 watts. The air temperature in the illuminated area will be approximately 30 degrees, while the air temperature at the opposite end of the terrarium, where there is no lamp for heating, should not fall below 23 degrees.

And now for the lighting. With apartment maintenance, the sun is called to replace ultraviolet lamp, which should work daily 10-12 hours. Of course, in the summer months, when the turtle will be in the sun, the lamp hours can be reduced. Thanks to good lighting, calcium in the body of the turtle will be better absorbed, and the risk of rickets will be significantly reduced. Control the temperature in the terrarium with a thermometer; a favorable climate should always be maintained for the turtle. Protect your pet from temperature extremes and drafts.

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  • Terrarium Ground

Ground cover is another important component of turtle comfort. If there is no soil in the terrarium, then the turtles will erase the claws and even begin to deform the limbs, not to mention a common cold. It is recommended to use coconut fiber or smooth pebbles as soil. It is better not to use small materials for the ground, as the turtle can swallow them.

  • Bathing capacity

Capacity for swimming (bathing), as a rule, is installed in terrariums with tropical turtles. A land bath is not useful for land pets, unless, of course, your pet shows a passion for swimming.

  • Plants

Plants in terrariums are not needed. For a turtle, they do not carry any value, and even vice versa, chewing an attractive fresh leaf or stalk, your pet may be poisoned. If you really want the greenery in the terrarium, carefully study the vegetation of the area where the turtle came from and plant some of these plants in the terrarium.

In cultures of different countries and even in many fairy tales, the turtle symbolizes wisdom, peace and kindness. Take care of this peaceful symbol of your home, and your pet will answer you for many years of joy and friendship!