How To Equip A Terrarium For Red-Eared Turtles


How To Equip A Terrarium For Red-Eared Turtles

In the ranking of domestic terrarium animals in the United States in the first place. a red-eared turtle, then iguanas and a tiger python. Russian amateurs are not far behind: the popularity of rubella is growing. To maintain equip the terrarium according to the principle: a lot of water, little land. Or aquaterrarium.

Water area

The trachea is not a dwarf species. the length of the shell in adulthood reaches 28 cm. Therefore, the recommended amount of housing for one or two individuals is 120-150 liters. Or 70 × 40 × 40 cm. You can take the length of the shell for a landmark. the bottom length is taken about seven times as much. The width is half the length of the bottom. Aquariums of the horizontal type are suitable for housing: turtles swim more often than dive. If the terrarium is closed with a lid, then ventilation holes must be present.

Water is poured to a height of 15-20 cm. Sitting in the water, the pet can stick its head out to the surface. They organize an island: a platform with a ramp protrudes by 1-1.5 cm. The land area is one fifth of the water mirror. Small pebbles are not recommended as a substrate. turtles swallow it, intestinal obstruction occurs. The distance from the high point of the shore to the upper edge of the aquatic area is made at least 20-30 cm so that the pet does not run away.

You can see models of terrariums for aquatic turtles in the "12 monkeys" catalog.

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Water filtration

Trachemies eat and empty the intestines in water. Leftover food and feces quickly pollute the pool. Favorable conditions arise for the propagation of pathogenic microbes, fungi. Water must be changed, but to do this less often, use filters. For small tortoises, simple devices with a sponge are recommended. The device is placed on its side in water. In containers of more than 120 l, external filters are used for a canister-type terrarium. As in an aquarium with fish, once a week they make a water change in the amount of 20-30%.


The water temperature is kept in the range of 26-32 ° C. To simplify control, manufacturers offer glass tube heaters with a built-in thermostat. Flexible heating cables are not suitable: the turtle digs up wires, bites.

How To Equip A Terrarium For Red-Eared Turtles

An incandescent lamp is fixed above the islet. The temperature below it at the level of the shell is 30-32-С. Here the pet creeps out to warm up. Heat activates the immune system, metabolism, promotes digestion. If the turtle has a soft shell, curvature of the limbs, then it does not have enough calcium. For the normal absorption of trace elements and the formation of a healthy skeleton, ultraviolet (UV) radiation is necessary. The aquaterrarium is equipped with a UV lamp.

Decor in the aquaterrarium

On the rear window, a ready-made background is recommended: a rocky shore, rainforest, plain. Attach from the outside to tape. Driftwood, stones, other accessories for the terrarium are chosen, given the safety for the inhabitants. Turtles are curious. plastic and natural plants will certainly taste. Naturals will do less harm.

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Choose non-toxic species. Life in living plants in the aquaterrarium is not easy. Pets dig up the soil, harm the root system, eat leaves. It’s difficult to pick green ornaments for a turtle. In water, perhaps, Wallisneria will take root. Epiphytes are on the walls of the high terrarium: they are attached by wrapping the roots in moss, coconut fiber, outside the tortoise’s access area. These are orchids, ferns, bromeliads.