How To Glue A Thermal Carpet On A Terrarium

How To Glue A Thermal Carpet On A Terrarium

Keeping decorative fish in your home aquarium requires a constant and suitable temperature, which can be achieved in the summer, but much more difficult at other times of the year. Even in spring, the water temperature without heating can drop to 20 °, no matter how well the room is heated. A decrease in the total water temperature even by 1-2 degrees, in comparison with the usual temperature of the natural habitats of your fish, can greatly affect their activity and behavior. A decrease in temperature by 5 degrees can also affect the disease resistance of the fish. they will receive severe stress and begin to hurt.

If you do not pay attention to your pets in a timely manner, then they may even die from oversight. An excellent solution for heating your aquarium or terrarium can be a thermal mat. A heating mat is a heating element that should be placed directly under the bottom of the aquarium. It is able to transfer heat through aquarium glass and soil directly into the water. In addition, the thermal mat is used to heat the lower layers of the soil, which significantly improves the growth of most plants and creates comfort for fish living at the bottom of your aquarium.

Heat dissipation throughout the water column is quite slow, but with prolonged use, the device will heat your entire aquarium qualitatively. A heat mat distributes heat evenly over its entire surface. In addition, the thermal mat is very thin and flexible, which will undoubtedly be convenient for its installation and operation. Thanks to the latest technologies and high-quality source material, the device has a dense carbon fiber, which conducts and gives off heat faster than similar devices in the zoo market.

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A thermal mat will also be useful for aquascapers. Aquarium plants such as Barclay and many others prefer very warm soil. Due to this, they grow in full force. All biochemical processes in warm soil proceed much faster, and a chelating medium is also provided that is able to hold various elements, preventing them from oxidizing into soil and water. Indeed, only in this state can they be absorbed by the roots of plants.

In these thermal mats, a very convenient smooth power regulator is used, which will allow you to precisely adjust the necessary heat transfer. It is recommended to use maximum power in the cold season and in high aquariums, where warming up all water column is more difficult.

In addition to the aquarium, the heating mat is ideal for terrariums. Most of the inhabitants of the terrariums. they are exothermic creatures or, in other words, cold-blooded. They are not quite comfortable living in our climate because of the constant low temperatures in the winter and frequent fluctuations in the fall and spring. It is for such cases that the thermal mat for the terrarium is ideal, which heats the lower part of the aquarium. sand, soil or a watering hole. As a rule, heating a terrarium should occupy no more than 25% of its entire area. The rest of the terrarium is left at the usual temperature for animals. The right temperature affects the metabolism and healthy growth of exotic pets.

Many owners of terrariums use special lamps for heating. This helps visually: the animal climbs up and warms up in the rays of the lamp, but if the soil on which the animal moves does not warm up, the situation is not fixed and there is a risk of illness. Thermal stones also do not always help, because an electrical device inside an aquarium always carries a danger. a pet can easily be shocked. In addition, it will not be possible to regulate the temperature of the stone, unlike a heating mat.

How To Glue A Thermal Carpet On A Terrarium

The terrarium thermal mat can also be located directly below the ground inside the aquarium: this application has its own unique advantages and it has already found its fans.

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If you have several aquariums or terrariums, you can simply fix the thermal mat between their side walls. this will help you not only save on the purchase of additional equipment and electricity, but will also look very practical, while maintaining precious warmth for your pets.

Nowadays, heating mats, which are mounted on the bottom of the aquarium or terrarium from the outside, are becoming increasingly popular. Their heating is quite effective and, if necessary, it can be dismantled without any complications without disturbing your pets. The heater’s power is enough to raise the temperature of the water in the aquarium and soil by 1-4 degrees. If you have a need to increase the temperature of the aquarium or terrarium by several degrees, then a heating mat of a suitable size can easily help.