How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb


Many of you have indoor plants that are pleasing to the eye, serve as decorations for the interior and supply you with oxygen. There are an incredibly large number of species of such plants and there are also many ways to grow and maintain them.

Today we will construct a self-sufficient ecosystem that does not require personal care and will be a good decoration for your interior or an original gift.

Florarium , plant terrarium. special closed container made of glass or other transparent materials and intended for the maintenance and cultivation of plants. Inside, a certain air humidity and temperature are created, which contributes to the creation of an environment for the normal development and existence of plants. Florariums appeared in the middle of the XIX century. The first plants that began to be used in florariums were various types of ferns.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

As follows from the description, we will need a closed glass container. You can use glass jars, medical flasks, bottles, in general, any vessel that closes without problems. Having driven the search term “closed ecosystem”, I found an interesting option that uses a conventional incandescent light bulb, and a bunch of material like, without damaging the glass, disassemble it and plant the plants there. This option seemed to me rather interesting and easy to build, and I decided to try it.

And so, what we need to create our miniature ecosystem:

1) Small stones for drainage and stones for composition
2) Sand
3) Fertile soil
4) Different types of moss
5) Bark, small branches for composition
6) Stone or driftwood for the platform
7) Incandescent light bulb
8) Two-component adhesive or hot melt adhesive
9) Pliers
10) Flat screwdriver
11) Tweezers
12) Syringe
13) Water
14) Paper

After a short walk through the woods and the outskirts of the city, I easily found all the material I needed.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Getting to the assembly. The first thing to do is prepare our light bulb. With the help of pliers and some effort, carefully break the black ceramic insulation, trying not to bend the base of the light bulb and break the glass.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

You should get a hole like in the photo below.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Next, using a flat screwdriver, you need to break and squeeze the glass rod on which the filament is attached and remove it from the bulb. Try to make the largest possible hole, this will facilitate your future planting process. After all the excess has been removed, I recommend rinsing the light bulb with water in order to avoid contact with small particles of glass.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Then we need to give stability to our light bulb. You can glue legs to it from anything, you can glue the light bulb itself to a beautiful snag or, as in my case, a stone. To reliably adhere glass to the stone, you can use two-component glue or hot-melt adhesive. I used Poxipol two-component adhesive.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Now we need to make a drainage system. Drainage is a system for removing water through the roots and soil, which allows the roots of plants to breathe when there is a large amount of moisture in the ground.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Drainage is very simple. In our case, we put a small amount of small stones at the bottom. For convenience, I made a tube out of paper, which will also facilitate the process of filling the light bulb with sand and soil, and also save the walls from pollution.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Then we fill our light bulb with a fertile layer of earth. Do not be afraid if the roots of other plants or humus get into the ground. this will only play into your hands, as it will provide your system with useful organic substances.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

The next stage is creative. Here you need to maximally show all your artistic abilities and beautifully place the components assembled in the forest. To facilitate the planting of plants in a light bulb, I used tweezers and a ballpoint pen. As a result, I got such a composition.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

The final step in creating an ecosystem will be adding a few drops of water. You can use a medical syringe for this. Watering plants abundantly is not necessary; excess moisture will lead to their death. After we have watered, it is necessary to seal the bulb tightly. There are no special rules, you can use anything: acorn, a cork from a wine bottle, a plastic cap, a wooden stick, etc., the main thing is that air does not get into the structure. I used the usual buttons of black color, having pre-glued them with holes for attaching to the material.

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After some time, condensation from drops of water will begin to form on the walls of the bulb, this should not be scared, so the process of the birth of life goes on as it should. These drops will periodically appear and then settle in the soil, simulating rain.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Excess water will go into the drain at the bottom of the light bulb, provided that you have organized it correctly. If you suddenly realized that you poured too much water into your florarium, simply open the hole and leave it open for several hours to allow excess moisture to evaporate, then seal the light bulb again.

A day after the construction of my florarium, I decided that I needed to supplement the composition and attached another light bulb to my platform stone, but more. So now the final version of my ecosystem began to look like.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

By the same principle, the Englishman David Latimer grows a bottle of tradescantia (a genus of perennial evergreen herbaceous plants of the Commeline family), which has been in enclosed space for more than 40 years and has never been watered.

Master Class reworked bulbs attached.
Well, here are the options for "filling", installation and decoration.

Just add water.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Workshop on creating a small terrarium in a light bulb (lampoterrarium)

Today we will tell you how to create a miniature version of the terrarium right at home. This terrarium will consist mainly of a lamp and therefore we named it. lampoterrarium With the help of our master class on creating a small terrarium, you can give a piece of nature to yourself and your loved ones, which will not require special care, but simply will delight you and everyone around you with your appearance.

But before you start creating do-it-yourself lampoterrarium , I want to give some tips:

Wet soil in a confined space molds. Therefore, it is better to use sand or small pebbles, because water drains easily from them.
– For planting, it is advisable to use a plant Tillandsia (Tillandsia). "Aerial plants" that can grow without soil. This is a great choice for your tiny terrarium, because they take all the essential nutrients from the air (dust, rotting leaves and insect substances) through the leaves. But this does not mean that there is no need to water. The absence of roots means the absence of mold.

Living moss is very picky about the climate, so it may not survive in this environment. Therefore, instead of living moss, it is better to use dried, because it retains moisture better, which is very necessary for Tillandsia.
– Do not keep the lamp terrarium in the dark and in the sun. Find a place that will be sufficiently lit, but it will not be in direct sunlight.
– Do not forget to water and spray the plants from the syringe once a week to maintain vital functions. It is advisable to use soft water so that you do not have any leaks on the walls of the lampoterrarium.
– You can freely use small stones, glass fragments, or any other decorative materials to give your terrarium a character.

Now you can start manufacturing lampoterrarium

You will need some tools to make a tiny terrarium.

Let’s start with the selection of the light bulb. For the first time, it is better to use a large bulb.

We will remove the insides of the light bulb. This stage includes flying glass fragments, so wear glasses for the safety of your eyes. And do not forget to wear gloves if the dismantling of the insides of the light bulb is unsuccessful.

First of all, remove the metal tip at the bottom of the cap. Then proceed to the removal of the black part.

Now you can see the internal organs of the bulb

Using a screwdriver, we carefully break out the inside of the bulb.

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With the utilities we get all the broken insides. If sharp fragments remain around the inner edge, carefully break them out.

And as a result we get a beautiful hole.

We proceed to the pleasant part of the manufacture of lampoterrarium.

Next, the sand must be dried. To do this, spread the sand in a thin layer on a baking sheet and dry in the oven at a temperature of 300 degrees (or you can calcine it in a pan). Thus, we additionally destroy various microbes.

Once the sand has cooled, put a couple tablespoons of sand in a light bulb. To do this, use a funnel or a folded piece of cardboard.

To decorate the lampoterrarium, use dry moss.

Cut a small piece of moss and put in a lamp. Set it with a stick or long tweezers.

Carefully insert the plant into the flask. Be sure to insert with a thin end so as not to damage the leaves. Additionally, you can arrange beautiful pebbles, sticks, marble, etc. To create a beautiful composition you need to be patient. Experiment, it’s worth it.

You saw what original usefulness and amenities can be made from ordinary, obsolete incandescent bulbs. I promised to continue the topic and show with a detailed example how to make terrarium from a light bulb do it yourself. So, I bring to your attention an illustrated

Option 2. We make a terrarium from a light bulb.

First you need to prepare everything you need in your work. >>>


Flat end screwdriver

A transparent incandescent lamp, the larger, the better (for beginners), it is easier to work with.

Materials for the finished terrarium:

– Aquarium soil, sand or very fine pebbles. select one. You can use a special substrate for terrariums in accordance with the type of selected plants.

– A small plant that can be easily inserted into the narrow part of the prepared light bulb: any moss, Tillandsia (Tillandsia) is suitable. these plants are ideal for semi-closed terrariums, they are unpretentious, they are easy to purchase.

– If you wish, you can choose a decor: colored small pebbles, small glass pieces collected on the sea coast, beads, plastic figures of animals, insects, berries, even

one). For such a terrarium, it is better not to use the land collected on the street and the fresh, just collected moss.

2). Once a week using a spray gun should sprinkle the microflora inside the bulb.

3). do not tolerate direct sunlight and constant darkness. choose a suitable place for permanent "residence" of the original crafts in advance.

We have prepared all the materials and tools, we have decided on the place of placement, and we can start manufacturing.

The very first thing to do before starting work is wear safety glasses They will protect the eyes from microscopic glass fragments. Now, you can neatly will remove the bulb holder. Next you need remove the metal tip, pulling the tip of the black material slightly.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

The black element must be pulled out gradually, until he pulls completely out of his cartridge.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb
How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Holding the light bulb tightly carefully remove the glass inside the bulb.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

A screwdriver with a flat end using it as a lever you can gradually break it with small tubes , what’s inside the lamp. The main thing is that the bulb itself does not slip out of hands at this moment, otherwise it will break, and not the element we need.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Thin-nose pliers take out all the remnants of the glow element from the inside.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

So that no sharp pieces remain at the edges of the hole, you should to process, to clean.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

The future terrarium is ready!

To give stability to a fragile vessel to its bottom (side) stick small plastic pads , if there is no special stand or pendant.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

It remains fill up small or not very small (depends on the size of the light bulb that you found or selected) "House" life. This is the most exciting activity.

Soil preparation

If you chose sand or microscopic pebbles taken from nature, then they must be thoroughly washed with water.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

To make sand safe for future "residents" it needs light bulbs dry and bake in the oven on a baking sheet. Experts recommend setting the temperature to a mark not lower than 300 degrees. I don’t know if you have such an oven, on the panel of our home. maximum 250 degrees. So, set to the maximum, keep at least an hour.

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How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

The sand will be very hot be careful when taking it out!

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Calcined sand when it cools poured into a light bulb with a thin sheet of cardboard , folded in half or funnels, do the same if you took a special substrate or small pebbles (also necessarily calcined).

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

Now we will sow or plant our plants. It is convenient and interesting to plant a bulb with a dry mixture containing reindeer moss or Tillandsia seeds . A small amount of such a floristic mixture is enough to fill such an original terrarium with life.

If you want to immediately get the finished result without waiting for seedlings, then take pieces of necessarily dry moss, an ornamental indoor plant suitable for this type of life. And put it all inside the bulb with tweezers. You will have to be patient, as this is painstaking work, but having placed everything in the best way, you will be fascinated by the result.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

When the living part of the terrarium is ready can be complemented and embellished its decorative part. You can give the composition a special charm by placing insects, animals, berries made of plastic inside the figures, add beautiful colored or one-color pebbles of the original form, and other elements. It is important not to overdo it, to maintain balance and harmony. Excessive decoration is completely useless.

How To Make A Mini Terrarium From A Light Bulb

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Today it is very popular to make an eternal terrarium from an ordinary light bulb. I decided to try to do it with my children. The terrarium is called eternal, because it forms its own microclimate. Water evaporates, condenses and again enters the soil, nourishing plants and microorganisms. Plants consume water, carbon dioxide and sunlight. Plants release oxygen and decompose, thereby being a fertilizer for new plants. A whole living world in a simple incandescent bulb.

Video Eternal Terrarium from a Light Bulb

We will need

  • Out of service light bulb
  • Stones
  • Sand
  • Land
  • Plants

We make an eternal terrarium from a light bulb

First you need to remove all the insides from the lamp. We remove the metal contact and break the black insulator.

Using a screwdriver, break off the glass holder, and use tweezers to remove it from the lamp.

As a stand we will use a stone. You can show imagination and come up with some other stand.

Put a few drops of glue on the lamp and glue it at an angle to the stone.

To make it easier to fill the terrarium, we will make a paper tube. And with it, we fall asleep stones that will act as the foundation. And the second layer of sand.

Plants for the eternal terrarium

Now we go to the forest, there we will find all the necessary plants for the terrarium. Forest plants are more tenacious than indoor plants, so they will become wonderful inhabitants of our terrarium. We need moss and some plants with a small root system. Also in the forest we will collect twigs, stones, and most importantly. do not forget to take a little soil.

It’s okay if insects or earthworms get into the terrarium from a light bulb. They will also become residents of our micro world.

Fill the terrarium with soil before adding plants.

The next stage is creative. With enough patience, you can create miniature worlds in a light bulb by arranging stones, twigs and picking plants for a terrarium that will combine and complement each other.

Placing plants in a terrarium made from an incandescent lamp is easiest with tweezers and a small stick.

Do not forget to add a little water with a syringe. Without water, no organism can survive, which means we will not be able to get an eternal terrarium in a light bulb.

After all the plants are located inside, it is necessary to tightly close the terrarium. So that oxygen from the outside world does not get inside, and the water inside is not evaporated.

You can close it with a small stone, stick or acorn, which gives a very original look to the terrarium. And on top fill our cork with super-glue.