How To Make A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise

How To Make A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise

Terrarium device.

Terrarium for turtles in the first place should maximally simulate the natural environmental conditions of the turtle that will be contained in it.
It is most often made of glass or clear plastic. Glass is more functional, since it practically does not scratch and does not cloud with time. True, ultraviolet rays do not penetrate through it, and this must be remembered if you want to take your turtle in the sun right in the terrarium. Glass maintains good environmental conditions

humidity, temperature, etc. From above it is necessary to leave a ventilation hole, which is closed by a mesh. All lamps should be installed inside the terrarium. under the cover. If there is no cover. they are placed on top.

The terrarium must be spacious and comfortable so that the turtle fits freely in it both in width (at least 2-3 body sizes) and in length. The average terrarium for the most common Central Asian tortoise in our country (Agrionemys horsfieldi) should be at least 150. 200 liters in volume.

The interior can be very diverse. it depends on the type of turtle.

Terrarium furnishings.
The terrarium setting includes various shelters, drinking bowls, and decorative elements. such as driftwood, plants (artificial and living), stones, etc. The animal will feel calm and free only if it can, if necessary, hide from prying eyes. As shelters, hollow driftwood, flower pots with a chipped edge, halves of a coconut, etc., as well as specially made wooden houses, are used. The shelter is most often located in the cold corner of the terrarium and can be additionally covered with green plants from above.

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A drinking bowl in the terrarium must be present. At the same time, you need to use a drinker with low edges so that the turtle can easily reach the water or even climb into the drinker as a whole. they often love to do this. The more you wash your drinker, the better for your pet.

It is best to place a container of water directly under the lamp so that the water always remains warm. Not only species living in tropical forests love to swim; often turtles, in nature living in the driest deserts, also enjoy bathing. Turtles like to take a shower, so they can be watered with warm water from a spray bottle. It should be borne in mind that species living in arid places do not tolerate increased humidity in the terrarium. Therefore, for water procedures, they must be taken to the bathroom or put in any container with water outside the terrarium.

The temperature of the tortoise depends on its type, most often it is the interval between 28 ° C and 32 ° C. The temperature must be strictly controlled using a thermometer, and not "by eye". It is best to use digital thermometers that can measure temperature both inside the terrarium and outside in the room. To create a daily temperature difference, it is usually enough just to turn off all heating devices at night. In our climate, such a difference can be 10 ° C or more. If the temperature in the room at night does not drop below 17 ° C, you can not worry about your animals.

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There are also automatic temperature controllers that maintain the temperature you need throughout the day without your intervention. The same applies to automatic timers, which will turn on and off the light in the terrarium at the same time you set. Such devices can be very useful, since turtles perfectly sense the time and circadian rhythm, observed with an accuracy of several minutes, so maintaining such a rhythm will have a beneficial effect on their well-being.

With a chronic lack of heat, the tortoise may not show any signs of discomfort for a very long time. even for several years. But this will not mean that she is feeling well. Over time, the disease will certainly manifest itself and, unfortunately, when it becomes noticeable to the owner, the tortoise is no longer always possible to completely cure. Therefore, do not count on the high vitality of these animals and test them for strength.