How To Make A Terrarium For Snails Yourself What Are The Requirements Of A House


Everyone saw the snails, they are found in the garden, in the forest, in the park after the rain, in an ordinary puddle. At present, it is possible to contain such a lovely creation of a house in a special terrarium. This is a great option for those who love animals, but do not agree to spend a lot of time and money on their maintenance. After all, the snail does not require walking on the street, does not tear furniture, does not scatter wool everywhere, does not whine at night, and does not rush headlong around the ball. The only problem may be the terrarium for snails, because it needs to be properly equipped so that the pet has everything necessary for a normal existence.

How to choose a terrarium

African Achatina is one of the largest land mollusks on the planet. It is such a snail that can be settled at home as a family favorite. Many owners of such a miracle of nature are convinced that they are very sociable and recognize the owner, do not hide in the house when it appears and allow you to stroke your little body. The content of Achatina does not require large expenditures, which is important. The owner can safely leave the pet for a while without worrying about his emotional state. There are various options for houses, one of which is glass terrariums for snails.

It is better to place your pet in a specialized terrarium for Achatina with a perforated lid for air circulation. As the soil, moss and a coconut substrate are suitable, which should be moistened daily. Snails need cleanliness for normal existence, so at least once a week they should clean the soil, and once every three months. the whole house. The vital products of this creature are odorless, but if you do not remove them, then a charm will appear, which in turn is harmful and unpleasant, in addition, the walls will be covered with mucus.

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African Achatina is one of the largest land mollusks on the planet.

They do not need additional light sources in the terrarium for Achatina snails, snails are active mainly at night, they usually sleep all day long buried in the ground. The optimum temperature regime is in the range of 22–28 ° С. It is better to protect the terrarium from direct sunlight, as well as from a room battery.

Features of the content of Achatina

A clay pot is suitable as decoration and shelter for a snail house. It would be nice to plant fern or ivy in the ground. For bathing and drinking, Achatina can be put in a terrarium a small bath with water. You should make sure that the vessel does not roll over and that the depth in it does not allow the small snail to drown. They love water and, perhaps, allow the owner to pull themselves together and bathe under warm water.

Young snails eat once a day, mature snails eat once every few days. They love plant foods: cucumbers, apples, spinach, lettuce, grapes, dandelion, melon, bananas, mangoes. Some may eat cabbage, carrots, zucchini. It is better not to give oranges, grapes and watermelon. Oatmeal and bran will be an excellent source of carbohydrates for the snail.

There are a number of factors that the owners of such a pet or future breeders need to know, these aspects include the following points:

An interesting fact is that the legislation of some countries prohibits the cultivation and maintenance of Achatina, as they are pests by their nature and can cause great harm to plantations, that is, destroy the crop without a twinge of conscience.

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DIY terrarium

How To Make A Terrarium For Snails Yourself What Are The Requirements Of A House

Many people ask how to make a terrarium for snails and whether this can be done with their own hands. The process of creating a habitat for snails does not differ in increased complexity, so you can proceed to these manipulations without the appropriate skills. Terrarium for Achatina snail contains not only practical objects, but also various interior elements. There are a number of features and rules that must be observed when creating or arranging a house, these include:

  1. The soil should be made from coke substrate or moss.
  2. Be sure to place several containers in the terrarium where food and water will be present. The list of products includes calcium supplements, cereal mixtures and other products for daily nutrition.
  3. Be sure to place special baths with a small amount of water, otherwise the pet may choke. Products made from safe plastic are ideal for creating a house for snail Achatina.
  4. Bowls, searches and baths should be firmly fixed, otherwise the mollusk can accidentally turn them over.

Where to place

These pets are not very demanding of environmental conditions, but the minimum parameters should be observed. Otherwise, the individuals will not feel comfortable and will most likely die. They love quiet places, protected from pets and sunlight. It is advisable to place in rooms with high humidity and sufficient temperature. Be sure to have a substrate for the substrate in the box.