How To Make A Terrarium Yourself

How To Make A Terrarium Yourself

The most commonly used building material is wood: well-dried boards 8-10mm thick and wooden slats of the same quality. I suggest the average size of the terrarium, which is suitable for all ordinary types of terrariums: length 60-70, width 40, height 50. These sizes can be changed, especially height, fitting them for certain animals. I will not tell you how to collect this entire household.

Everyone knows their abilities in the construction of a simple box. I will tell you how to equip it properly. Immediately determine the side walls. They should be made of frames, in which instead of glass there should be a grid (for example, a camar net). This grid can be made in the following way: the side walls can be assembled from small rails parallel to each other, the distance between which should be about 5-7 mm i.e. so that your animal cannot escape through this net. The back wall can be made of well-adjusted rails or from one monolithic plywood. The side walls of about 10-12 cm from the floor of the terrarium should be tight mesh or slats with a distance of 5-7mm should start after 10-12cm from the terrarium floor. This is just to ensure that 8-10 cm soil does not fall out through the side walls. Now we pass to the front or viewing wall, which, of course, must be made of glass inserted into the frame. Here you do not need a spacing of 10-12 cm from the floor. glass itself is hermetic.

We will talk about tightness separately later, but now we will transfer to the manufacture of the bottom. The bottom of the terrarium can be cut out of monolithic plywood or assembled from several well-fitted boards. If you chose the second option, then you will need to nail the fiberboard sheet completely covering them from the inside. So that there are no cracks. So we put together the “box”. Now make a cover, consisting of two equal parts. We make one part of the lid of glass. This part of the cover will not be used as a cover i.e. will not open and close often. And the second part will be made of frame and mesh. This part of the cover will be used to open and close the terrarium. over, both parts of the lid should snug tightly against each other so that your animals do not make "walks" around your house.

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Well, it remains to do the sealing of the terraium floor. Firstly, you need to use all improvised means to cover all the cracks around the perimeter of the terrarium floor, and secondly, lay the film on the bottom and fix its ends somewhere on the side walls, but not higher than 10-12 cm so that it does not come out. Well, it remains to fill the soil so that at the back wall its level is 10-12 cm, and approaching the front 2-3cm. Well, here we have a well-ventilated and viewed from all sides terrarium. You only need to assemble its frame and attach side, back, front walls and plus a cover to it. How to make them I told.