Infrared Heating Of Terrariums

Infrared Heating Of Terrariums

If you decide to have an exotic pet, then you should consider all its needs in order to create the most comfortable conditions for its existence. In addition to proper nutrition, reptiles also need certain climatic conditions, which should be as close as possible to its natural habitat. But, since the temperature ranges of our latitude are significantly different from the usual conditions of most reptiles, a lot of questions arise about caring for these creatures that are wonderful for us. After all, this is not only about feeding and cleaning.

Fortunately, in our time there are a large number of auxiliary devices that can improve the stay of the python, lizard or any other amphibian at home. To date, there are many heaters that are able to provide proper heating of the terrarium and not create unnecessary problems for the owner. We suggest you consider the most popular and high-quality types of heaters, which are advised by professional herpetologists. But it should be borne in mind that most of the methods have their pros and cons. Therefore, you will have to either combine different heaters, or choose the most suitable option specifically for your pet.

Types of heaters used for heating terrariums:

Conventional lamps. This is the most economical and convenient heating technique. But, it should be taken into account that reptiles do not tolerate bright light and can behave aggressively under its influence. Also a significant drawback is the mandatory shutdown of the lamp during the night.

IR lamps. In terms of effect and convenience, they are similar to ordinary lamps, but their main difference is that these lamps do not cause irritation and can not be turned off at night. Thus, you can also watch your pet at night, without creating discomfort for him. The main thing is to correctly calculate the required power.

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Ceramic IR heaters. also do not require large expenses, an excellent solution if the parameters of your terrarium correspond to the power of the heater. For a small room it is too powerful a source of heat, and for a large space it is insufficient.

Infrared Heating Of Terrariums

Electric type heaters. A convenient option for installation, is laid out at the bottom of the terrarium and ready. The main disadvantage is the large consumption of electricity. And you can use both conventional heating pads and specialized ones.

Infrared underfloor heating. this type of heating is the most useful for reptiles and convenient for the owner. IR radiation acts on the principle of the sun, warming not the air, but objects and bodies around. Radiation can be freely adjusted using the knob. And to create such a system on your own is not difficult.

Each type of heating device, of course, has its own advantages and disadvantages, but currently the most popular are infrared heaters. IR radiation with proper power control and calculations of the terrarium area produce only a positive effect, and also do not provide problems for the owner in the installation.