Making And Arranging A Do-It-Yourself Snail Terrarium


Achatina are truly unique and interesting creatures. This type of snail is gaining more and more popularity every year as a pet. However, before first becoming the owner of these exotic musk, the question of keeping them at home should be carefully studied. In addition to the features of care, there are certain nuances of content, for example, a terrarium for snails.

Making And Arranging A Do-It-Yourself Snail Terrarium

Akhatin needs a lack of draft

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Since this species of mollusks is quite vulnerable to the Russian climate, the conditions for their maintenance should be as close as possible to their natural environment, namely, the subtropics. The best option for keeping snails is the Achatina aquarium, since it is in it The easiest way to artificially reproduce the required microclimate, which includes:

  • lack of drafts;
  • a certain level of humidity;
  • constant temperature;
  • lack of direct sunlight.

In this video you will learn more about the terrarium for snails:

An important criterion for assessing the state of this species of pets is the level of their activity.

Special requirements for the terrarium

In order for the Achatina not to die, when creating an artificial microclimate, owners should observe a number of simple conditions.

Making And Arranging A Do-It-Yourself Snail Terrarium

These include:

  1. The aquarium should have a sufficient volume, at the rate of 10 liters per adult Akhitinskaya snail. When buying an aquarium, it is important to remember that with the development of Achatina significantly increase in size.
  2. Ventilation. In order for the snails to not leave the terrarium without permission, it should be kept closed. But it’s important to remember that snails, like most living things, need constant oxygen supply. For free air circulation, the aquarium cover should have small openings (perforation).
  3. Direct sunlight has a detrimental effect on the snails, so it is important to place the Achatina snail aquarium in a dark place.
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And in order for the container (terrarium) to become a winning element of home decor, its design can be completed with interesting touches.

Manufacturing and arrangement

Given the growing popularity of snails as pets, today a rather urgent issue is how to equip a terrarium for Achatina. Do-it-yourself terrarium for Achatina snails can be made from any transparent plastic box. The main condition for a home-made terrarium is its volume, which should be at least 30 liters. Buying a regular plastic container will save a lot of budget than buying an aquarium of the same volume.

Making And Arranging A Do-It-Yourself Snail Terrarium

Do not leave snails without ventilation

And you can also use a plastic box for storing food, the size of which should be at least 20×30 cm. Another advantage in favor of the food box is the presence of a lid, which will help to avoid additional difficulties with its selection. However, if it is planned to breed mollusks, the box should be taken in large sizes. The arrangement is as follows:

  1. First of all, in the box and the lid, you should make ventilation holes with an awl.
  2. Next, it is important to choose the soil that will be placed in the terrarium. The best option for this purpose is a coconut substrate or moss, as they have the softness that is most suitable for snails of this species.
  3. Install 2-3 containers in the box, which will serve as a storage for feed and food additives.
  4. The water tank should be shallow, since falling into it, the snail can drown.
  5. All containers placed in the container must be properly secured.
  6. The arrangement of a terrarium for snails with their own hands should include the installation of a thermometer and a hygrometer.
  7. The container should be cleaned with a sponge and made at least once a month.
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To maintain the required level of moisture, a spray gun will be required, with the help of which spraying of the soil and plants is carried out.

Decorative elements

Creating a favorable environment for the inhabitants of the aquarium or terrarium, you can add particles of wildlife to it. Certain types of living plants will not only look harmoniously in an aquarium with snails, but will also maintain the necessary microclimate in it..

Making And Arranging A Do-It-Yourself Snail Terrarium

Do not forget to place decorative elements

These include:

  • fern;
  • moss;
  • ivy.

Given the flexibility of the latter plant, it is ideal for a small terrarium. And also in this landscape such types of additional decor as fragments of pottery, an unusual kind of sea stones, shells of mollusks will organically fit in.

Important Nuances

Using natural soil as a soil, it is very important to sterilize it first. This will help prevent infection in the terrarium. Sterilization is carried out by placing the soil in the freezer for at least 24 hours or in a hot oven for 2-3 hours. After the event on soil disinfection, the natural fauna in the form of worms, flies, beetles should be added to it.