Organization Of Space In A Bearded Agama Terrarium

Organization Of Space In A Bearded Agama Terrarium

Required Inventory:

1. Terrarium of horizontal type, with ventilation, the minimum size for 1 adult is 80cm. length x 40cm. width x45cm. height.

A terrarium from 90x50x45-50cm is required for several individuals.

3.Lamp Mirror at 40 or 60 watts. like Philips. And the lamp to it, preferably rotary, to facilitate the adjustment of the heating point. This lamp is needed to organize a heating point so that the agama can digest food.

four. Priming. For the soil, you can use quartz sand, of good quality, up to 0.5 mm in size. The color of the sand should be natural, not bleached and not colored. Also, as a soil, you can use high-quality, rounded pebbles with a diameter of up to 1 cm. The color of the pebbles should be brown or gray, but not boiling white, otherwise the agama can take it for calcium and start eating.

five.Thermometer. You need any room, alcohol, thermometer to measure and adjust the temperature at the heating point and cold corner. You also need a water thermometer to control the temperature when bathing the agama.

Bowl for food.

7. Flat stone, about 20-25cm.x15cm x 3cm 5cm. they put it under a mirror lamp and bury it in the sand so that the stone would stand at the bottom and if the agama would dig under the stone, he would not crush it.

Terrarium preparation:

Regardless of the terrarium you choose (glass or from chipboard), it should have good ventilation, to ensure the influx of fresh air and the exit of warm air from the lamps.

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The first thing you need is to install the lamps and fill the soil (soil, a layer of about 3.5 cm.)

The UV lamp is mounted on top, under the lamp there should be no gratings or glass. The distance from the UV lamp to the agama is a maximum of 30cm. (at a height of 50 cm terra, you must either lower the lamps with iron pins and bolts, or by installing a background with a shelf in the terr, or put in terr, a comfortable snag) The mirror lamp is mounted from one side and goes down to the stone, the distance from the stone to mirror lamp approximately 20-25cm. The temperature in the center of the stone must be 39 to 42 degrees. If there is less, then the agama will not be able to digest food, if more, then it will be too hot. In the opposite corner from the mirror lamp, there should be approximately 28 grams.

A bowl of food is placed in the opposite corner from the mirror lamp.

Organization Of Space In A Bearded Agama Terrarium

They don’t put water in the terra for adults and grown-ups, agams get water from food, when bathing, through the skin, and also can drink during water procedures.


Adult agamas are bathed once every 2-3 weeks, with molting, to facilitate skin convergence once every 2 days. Teenagers from 2 months. up to 1 year bathe every 1-2 weeks. Babies from 2 weeks to 2 months. bathe every 2-4 days. During molting, bathing is mandatory every 2 days.

Agamas are bathed in water 38-40 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Pour water into a container or bath, so that the water reaches the agama’s chest, you can’t pour too much water or pour water on the head of the agama.

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Organization of space in the terrarium of a bearded agama.

For the Bearded Agam, the bottom area is very important, so the whole decor should be placed around the perimeter of the back wall. Agamas love to climb the voluminous, background and sit or sleep on the shelves, so if you have the opportunity, then buy or make a backdrop for your agama, because it is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also significantly adds living space for the agama.