Own Terrarium Corner For A Land Tortoise


Own Terrarium Corner For A Land Tortoise

It is not worth keeping a land turtle without a terrarium. And not only because it does not accustom to the tray. The tortoise needs a safe shelter and heating. If you wish your pet a long and happy life, prepare a cozy terrarium for a land tortoise.

Sizes and materials

It is undesirable to use an unventilated aquarium or container tightly closed with a lid as a terrarium for a land tortoise. Temporarily for a small turtle, you can use a plastic carry, but it is better to take care of the construction of a full-fledged home.

The terrarium area for a land tortoise with a length of 15 cm or more should be at least half a square meter. The height of the walls is 20-30 cm. The optimal size of the terrarium can be calculated proportional to size turtles. To do this, the width and length of the tortoise shell must be multiplied by 4-6. But remember that turtles grow quite quickly, especially in the first two years.

Since the turtle will not have high humidity in the terrarium, it can be made from plywood. It can be a box or a shelf with a glass or transparent plastic door. You can keep the turtle in an open terrarium, but you can only build a turtle enclosure right on the floor if you are sure that the floor will not be cold.


In one corner of the terrarium for a land tortoise, you must definitely place a mirror incandescent lamp 40-60 W power at a height of 25-35 cm from the soil surface. In this corner, the turtle will bask and eat. The air temperature under the lamp should be 30-35 ° C.

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In the far cold corner Terrarium temperature should not fall below 23-25 ​​° C. Warming the turtle from below with rugs and thermal cords is not necessary, it is harmful to its kidneys.

In the summer months, the tortoise can be arranged walks in the sun about one hour a day. In winter, to prevent rickets, you need to install a 10% ultraviolet lamp in the terrarium. The UV lamp and incandescent lamp should be turned on during the day for 10-12 hours. If at night the temperature in the terrarium drops below 23 ° C, an additional infrared lamp for night heating.

Own Terrarium Corner For A Land Tortoise


The bottom of the terrarium for the tortoise can be lined with coconut coir or laid out smooth pebbles. Small substrates, gravel, sand, it is undesirable to use. The tortoise can swallow them and make bowel obstruction. Sometimes turtles do not see transparent walls and can aggressively break into glass. In such cases, the wall is better to glue 10 cm opaque background.

The decoration of the terrarium is not important, arrange as you wish. The turtle will need a house. shelter for sleeping and "meditations." As it can serve as an inverted ceramic pot or box. You need to place the house in the cold corner of the terrarium.

Feeder for land turtles, it is better to put in a terrarium in its warm part only for the duration of feeding, and then remove along with the remnants of food.

In captivity, land turtles often drink water, while tropical species need regular baths. To do this, in the warm corner of the terrarium you need to install a bath. For the convenience of pets, the pool should be recessed into the ground and have a canopy downhill. The water level should be about half the height of the tortoise shell. When installing a bath, learn that you need to change the water in it daily, so the pool should be easy to remove and wash.