Snail Terrarium


recently, a snail as a pet could cause, if not a stupor, then a strong surprise so accurately. Today, this phenomenon is unlikely to hit anyone. The question immediately arises: how to equip housing for a not quite ordinary pet. If you choose the right terrarium for the snail, it will not only become a cozy house for the animal, but also decorate the interior. We will deal with all the details of choosing a terrarium for snails.


The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a terrarium is the norm of space per snail. The minimum volume per animal is 10 cubic decimeters (liters). If you neglect this rule, your pets will be uncomfortable in their own home.

Production material

The most common options are:

Each of these materials has its own specifics, but all of them, in principle, are suitable as housing for snails. Plexiglass and plastic slowly heat up and cool down, as these materials have poor thermal conductivity. In this case, your golden beauties will not face temperature changes. However, glass also has its advantages. It is transparent, more durable and chemically neutral with respect to many substances (hydrofluoric acid is not discussed now). Pets placed in a glass terrarium are much more interesting to watch. In addition, more light penetrates the snails. Be sure to consider all these features when choosing.

Snail Terrarium


Terrarium for snails must be equipped with high-quality bedding from the soil. Properly selected soil is an indispensable element of convenient and comfortable housing for Achatina and other snails. In no case should you use sand, needles or sawdust as soil. If they stick to a snail’s body covered with mucus, particles of such soil will injure it. Pure peat or a coconut substrate is much preferred. Such soil is one hundred percent safe.

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Snail Terrarium

Water and air

Achatina snail, like most species of domestic snails, is a land creature. Therefore, there is no need to have a shower every day. However, too dry air is contraindicated for your pets. Therefore, it is important to equip the terrarium for Achatina snails with a thermometer and a humidity level meter (hygrometer). Do not forget to monitor the performance of devices.

The optimal microclimate for mollusks is as follows:

  • Humidity. from 75 to 90%.
  • Air temperature. 25-27 degrees.

Be sure to make sure that fresh air penetrates the pets. Pull the net over the frame and cover the terrarium from above. It is advisable to fix it with snaps. Akhatins are a curious people and will certainly try to get out. They absolutely do not need such adventures, so precaution will not be superfluous at all.

Accessories, floral decoration

So, what a pet needs for a comfortable life, we found out. Now we recall the aesthetic component. If the snail terrarium is beautifully and tastefully decorated, it resembles a rainforest and adorns the interior wonderfully. Therefore, think in advance how you will decorate the terrarium. Absolute taboos are: clay driftwood and castles, pebbles, cups and ceramic flower pots. In the best case, the delicate body of the snail will be wounded and noticeable scars will remain. At worst, an active pet will damage the shell, which may result in the death of a snail.

Snail Terrarium

Plant plants (for example, succulents with fleshy stems and leaves). They are unpretentious, but at the same time they look pretty pretty. In addition, the mollusk will not be able to break the thick stem of the plant. The pet will be pleased with the planted lettuce leaves or wheat (grains need to be sprouted beforehand!). Of course, the snail will quickly eat greens, but for a while it will delight the eye.

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Pool, drinking bowl, feeder

Akhatinka can not be called muddlers, but, moving around the terrarium with the grace of an elephant in a china shop, they are able to arrange a rather strong mess. Therefore, the things installed in the terrarium should be securely fixed. As a feeder, it is quite enough to dig a small bowl into the ground. It is useful to equip a shallow “pool” for them, which will serve both as a drinking bowl and a bathhouse. By the way, this "beast" simply adores swimming.

You already know how to equip a terrarium for a snail, and if you want to learn more about the contents of snails, pay attention to this article.