Spectacular And Unpretentious Plants For Terrarium

Spectacular And Unpretentious Plants For Terrarium

The first terrariums with plants appeared in the Victorian era and, of course, made a splash. With their spectacular appearance, they are very undemanding to care. Since evaporation in an almost closed container is limited, watering is required infrequent and modest. Creating a composition does not involve large expenditures. only capacity, soil and plants.

The microclimate in the terrarium is similar to the tropical one: high air humidity and rather rapid heating when exposed to sunlight (with which it is better to be careful that the plants do not cook). Accordingly, compact species from a similar natural environment will adapt to such conditions best of all. moist air will only benefit them.

Pilea wrapped
Pilea involucrata

Embossed leaves with beautiful colors can be both an accent and a background of a composition. Pilea is growing rapidly, tolerant of a lack of light, and sometimes pleases with small pink flowers. The maximum size that it can reach is 30 cm in height and in diameter. almost any container is suitable for growing.

Cryptanthus two-way
Cryptanthus bivittatus

An elegant plant from the Bromeliad family, resembling a star in shape. The color of the tapeworm leaves can combine red, raspberry, white and saturated green. the brightness of the bands varies depending on the amount of light. The plant develops slowly and reaches 15 cm in height. ideal for growing in a terrarium.

Fittonia Vershavelt
Fittonia verschaffeltii

The tropical nerve plant, as it is also popularly called, has beautiful miniature leaves of burgundy or white-green colors. Warm and humid air, the absence of drafts. the optimal conditions for the content of fittonia. In height, it reaches no more than 30 cm.

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Pepperomy wrinkled
Peperomia caperata

It got its name for the interesting texture of the leaves. Their deep green hue is good in itself, but if you prefer variegated forms, there is variegate peperomia. Although the flowers are small, they make up a beautiful batch of foliage. The maximum height of the plant is 15 cm, ideal conditions of detention are high humidity and a small, but regular, light access.

Selaginella Kraus
Selaginella kraussiana

Although the selaginella does not reach a height of more than 15 cm, it willingly grows in breadth and is able to occupy a territory half a meter long, for which it is used in the southern regions as a groundcover. Therefore, when grown in a terrarium, the plant requires periodic shearing. Bright green foliage successfully combines with darker plants. Keep the substrate moist but not excessively wet.

Pilea glauka
Pilea glauca

Small silver leaves, like coins, will not leave anyone indifferent. Glauca pylaea reaches up to 30 cm in height, prefers high humidity and low light, can be grown on a support and, due to its delicate forms, combines well with other plants.

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Air cereal
Acorus gramineus

Spectacular And Unpretentious Plants For Terrarium

Another extremely undemanding plant for a terrarium. The height does not exceed 35 cm. Do not forget to periodically ventilate the container (if it closes) and check for condensation on the walls. its absence means that it is time to water the plants (very little).

Ophiopogon flat-shoot
Ophiopogon planiscapus

The color of thin leaves smoothly passes from green at the base to almost black at the ends. The plant reaches about 35 cm in height, so it is better to plant it in larger terrariums. To restrain growth, refrain from fertilizing.

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Asplenium bulbous
Asplenium bulbiferum

Another plant for a large terrarium: the height of an adult asplenium is slightly higher than half a meter, the diameter of the bush exceeds a meter. The plant needs a regular haircut, prefers diffused light and harmoniously combines with fittonia, miniature varieties of coleus and mini orchids.

Wattlebreaker Saxifraga
Saxifraga stolonifera

Due to the interesting red-burgundy color of the leaves in the shape of a heart, the saxifrage perfectly copes with the role of accent. It grows rapidly, but the length of its branches does not exceed 20 cm.