Terrarium Filter

Terrarium Filter

In the last decade, the popularity of terrariums has increased markedly. Keeping exotic amphibians today has become a fascinating hobby for many people. But, of course, it is worth remembering that the decision to acquire a turtle or a more exotic representative of the terrestrial fauna imposes a certain responsibility on a person. It is important to provide the pet with optimal living conditions and, above all, to select a terrarium that is suitable in size and equip it in full accordance with the needs of the pet. It is necessary to take care of a complete diet, lighting and, of course, water filtration. The more natural your pet’s habitat is, the better.

It is important to correctly balance the size of the "land" and the water area of ​​the terrarium. Each amphibian species has its own specific preferences. But, it is worth remembering that it is better to use a uniform soil with a particle size of about 5 mm. This will significantly facilitate the purification of water. A filter for the terrarium is required. It will allow you to maintain water, which in the terrarium deteriorates quite quickly, in an ideal condition for the life of your pet. Yes, and simply can not save the aesthetic, neat appearance of the terrarium without a filter. The filter for the terrarium can be either external or internal. It is quite possible to equip small terrariums for young animals with internal filters. But, do not expect high-performance filters from these. As a rule, they get clogged pretty quickly. This leads to the fact that instead of treating water, internal filters begin to have a negative effect on it.

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The external terrarium filter is much more efficient. True and its cost is much higher. It is important to choose a filter that matches the size of the terrarium. Too small a filter will not be able to clean the water fully, which threatens diseases and even death to your pet. When choosing a filter, it is worth paying attention to how many and what size animals will be in the terrarium. A filter for a terrarium with too high a capacity is also not the best option. Only the use of a high-quality filter from a reliable, well-established manufacturer will allow you to create optimal conditions for the life of a pet.

Modern filters carry out four-stage water treatment. The first is biological treatment. It represents the most important means of removing toxic substances formed during the life of an amphibian. The next one is mechanical filtration. At this stage, suspended particles contained in the water are removed, which makes it possible to achieve the necessary transparency. Then there is a process of precipitation of organic substances dissolved in water. physical adsorption. The last link in the cleaning process is disinfection. the destruction of microorganisms in the water. It should be noted that the gravel filter for terrarium, the most common today, combines the stages of biological and mechanical cleaning.