Terrarium For A Land Tortoise – We Equip Correctly


Terrarium For A Land Tortoise. We Equip Correctly

Turtles are peaceful, but a little reserved pets, they will not joyfully rush at the owner and demand affection from him. But they still need the right care and care, therefore terrariums for land turtles must meet several requirements: it is necessary to maintain a special temperature, conduct ventilation, create the right atmosphere, purchase filler for a terrestrial tortoise and much more.

It is worth considering the following parameters of the walls of the terrarium: height. 20-30 centimeters, width. should be 5 times larger than the tortoise shell. Housing can be made from both plastic and plywood and glass. You can combine all these materials, for example, to observe the turtle, make the front wall of glass. The task of making or acquiring a completely closed shelter is not worth it. A roof, for example, can be a regular grid.

What terrarium is needed for a land tortoise we have determined, now we will move on to the installation site of this design.

Terrarium For A Land Tortoise. We Equip Correctly

An ideal location is a corner where direct sunlight does not fall. Why are they so dangerous? They can turn the terrarium into a bathhouse, thereby causing its resident a lot of discomfort. Choose a quiet, bright place away from computers, stereo systems, and TVs.

Lighting and heating

As we wrote above, the terrarium is a complex system. It conditionally needs to be divided into two zones. In the first, the air temperature should not exceed the mark of the thermometer by 23 degrees, in the second. 30-35. To achieve this result, special incandescent lamps with a power of up to 60 watts are used. They are installed 30 centimeters from the floor so that the reptile does not receive burns. For night heating, as a rule, infrared lamps are used. It is advisable to install a thermometer in the tortoise’s home so that you can monitor the temperature and change it if necessary.

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The daylight hours should be no more than 10.12 hours, the rest of the time you can use infrared lamps.

If you are offered thermal stones or thermal cords. refuse immediately, as these innovations can adversely affect the turtle. Underfloor heating is very harmful to the reptile’s kidneys.


Despite the fact that we are talking about a terrarium for land turtles, a certain level of humidity must still be maintained. 1-2 times a day, the terrarium can be sprayed with water from a spray bottle.


This is a very important component of the terrarium for the land tortoise. Small holes are made on the sides of the structure or on top, which serve as ventilation of the reptile’s home.

Terrarium For A Land Tortoise. We Equip Correctly


1. Soil. you can’t keep a pet without it. The filler for terrarium terrestrial tortoises is different. It is covered with a layer of 3-5 centimeters. Usually it is a large sawdust, coconut bark, rounded pebbles or hay. Sand, gravel crumbs and shavings are not suitable. the turtle can swallow them.

2. Anything can serve as a pet house. It can be half a ceramic pot, a special house for a rodent, a wooden structure, etc. Shelter should be in the cool zone of the terrarium.

3. It is better to purchase a feeder that is weighty so that the reptile cannot move it throughout the terrarium.

4. The bath should be located in a warm area. The water level in it should not be higher than the middle of the tortoise shell. Water needs to be changed daily.

5. The scenery. Small objects that the turtle can swallow cannot be placed in the terrarium. The choice of plants must be approached responsibly. make sure that they are not dangerous for reptiles, because the tortoise can easily taste them.

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Disinfection should be carried out regularly. Thoroughly clean the terrarium, change the soil, wash the drinker and the bath.

Land turtles have been living in captivity for decades, but on condition that they are properly looked after and fed only wholesome food.