Terrarium For Achatina We Adorn The Interior With Snails


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Achatina, giant African snails, will give odds to many pets. Thanks to its positive characteristics, snails very quickly gain their favor in a wide variety of circles and even among those who have never before dared to have a pet. Akhatins are unpretentious, they don’t need to walk, they don’t need to clean trays, they do not make noise, they do not bite slippers and they do not tear upholstered furniture.

Terrarium for Achatina. decoration of the home interior, which is why many owners turn them on for themselves, when they live alone or when they would like to create a corner with wildlife in the house, if there are concrete walls around, and the interior of the apartment is more like a production workshop.

Akhatin is practically inaudible: when they are born from their "shelter", they can be watched with interest for a long time, sitting in a classic-style chair. How and why giant snails have become a trend among homeowners, what they need for safe coexistence with a person, how to decorate the interior of an apartment with them, you will learn from the article.

Terrarium for Achatina: interior to interior

Any aquarium can become a house for mollusks, even the one that has flowed, because you don’t have to pour water into it. Suitable for terrarium and plexiglass or plastic construction. The area of ​​the dwelling for Achatina is selected from the volume: 10 liters per snail.

Terrarium For Achatina We Adorn The Interior With Snails

Do not use soil for indoor flowers, as it often contains various chemical additives, as well as garden and forest land, which can be infected. So that all this harmoniously looks in the interior of the room, try to choose the appropriate colors for curtains on windows or wraps on couches and armchairs.

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Terrarium For Achatina We Adorn The Interior With Snails

Not suitable for Achatina and sawdust, which, for example, like guinea pigs. The sawdust in the interior of the terrarium for snails turns the latter into stray "spiky structures." Normal soil should not be too damp. It is believed that if the snail hangs on the walls for a long time, then it is too wet in its dwelling, and if it tries to close itself in the sink, it is very dry. Then you can “make” a little rain by moistening the soil or spraying the walls of the terrarium with a spray.

You can dry the "climate" by increasing the flow of air or by increasing the brightness of the backlight. When cleaning your house, you can also moisten your interior from a spray, if you place pots with lush green mass of plants of different sizes next to the terrarium as a decoration.

Terrarium For Achatina We Adorn The Interior With Snails

The temperature in the apartments of Achatina should be between 24-27 degrees. Some place large stones in terrariums, forgetting that snails can fall on them and break a shell. Small snags covered with moss, under which they can hide, as well as unpretentious plants, such as tradescantia, ivy or fern, will be much more appropriate in the interior of snail houses (although the snail will squeeze them over time).

Terrarium For Achatina We Adorn The Interior With Snails

Terrarium for snails: interior gulen

Akhatins love to "walk" at night. During the day, these snails often sleep, choosing a secluded place in the terrarium house. Achatina begin to move towards the evening, crawling through the "environs" in search of food. The activity of mollusks during the day can be stimulated by high humidity. Those who have been dealing with Achatina for a long time claim that these silent pets that have no brains are actually quite intelligent creatures. This they tell the owners what is missing in the interior of their homes: for example, floor lighting, so as not to use the chandelier constantly. How? They regularly go on glass to the lid at the moment when the overhead light is lit in the apartment.

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Terrarium For Achatina We Adorn The Interior With Snails

Some individuals can even recognize the owner (by smell!), Remember some events and the place where they are left with food, as well as their relaxation area, where they return after a journey in search of food. Despite the fact that Achatina are terrestrial creatures, they like to bathe in warm water, the highest bliss for them is water procedures in the hands of the owner, under the stream of water the snails joyfully stretch their horns.

It will be quite useful to place a small "bath" in the terrarium. a shallow one (so that the babies do not choke) and stable (so that the mollusks do not turn it over). The water in it needs to be changed as it gets dirty, and not when you walk through your apartment with a mop or vacuum cleaner.