Terrarium For Freshwater Turtles

Terrarium For Freshwater Turtles

If you have always dreamed of an exotic pet, then a freshwater turtle is your ideal choice. These are unusual pets with interesting habits, which are also relatively unpretentious in content. However, their full and healthy life is impossible without a properly designed terrarium and a set of attributes necessary to create optimal conditions for the turtle.

Terrarium equipment should be dealt with before acquiring a turtle. When you bring your pet home, the terrarium should already be prepared for settlement. To do this, you will need a set of equipment and the terrarium itself, which must be selected in accordance with the variety and size of your pet.

As a rule, the most popular are aquatorrariums, the rear wall of which is higher than the front, as this provides a good overview. The dimensions of the terrarium depend on the size and number of turtles that will live in it. The optimal size of the aquaterrarium for one freshwater turtle: 76x38x37cm. The total volume of the terrarium: 80 l (recommended water volume of about 35 l).

Along with the terrarium, for keeping a freshwater turtle you will need:

islet (from time to time the turtle will land to rest and warm up),

point light source (LED lamp),

powerful filter for eliminating pollution, turbidity and unpleasant odors,

decorative elements (plants, flat stones, etc.).

An islet is a dry platform in a terrarium, which should be spacious enough and have a shallow shore so that the turtle can easily climb onto it. Many modern models of islets for turtles have special recesses for food, which is very convenient in practice. If you plan to have two or more turtles, then you will also need several islets so that each pet has enough space on land. Often, special large, stable stones with a flat surface, towering above the water, are used as islands.

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An LED lamp is installed above the land, which provides the necessary level of illumination and under which the turtle will bask. Do not install the lamp too close to the land surface so that the turtle does not get burned. The optimal distance from the lamp to the island: 20-30 cm.

It is advisable to choose a three-stage filter, since it provides the most effective purification of water from natural contaminants and food residues and allows for a long time to maintain cleanliness in the terrarium. Special cartridges are selected (or come in the same kit with it), each cartridge lasts from 2 to 4 weeks, after which it is replaced by a new one. The filter model is selected depending on the volume of the aquarium, the number of pets and the intensity of water pollution.

As for the heaters for aquaterrariums, they are usually preinstalled at a temperature of 25 ° C. Lightweight and compact, the heaters are convenient to use, fit perfectly into the overall design of the terrarium and allow you to regularly maintain the optimum water temperature for the turtle.

It is best to use smooth pebbles as soil in the aquaterrarium for a freshwater turtle.

When equipping a pet home, give preference to trusted brands. The vast majority of diseases of turtles are associated with adverse conditions. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality, efficient equipment that will allow you to maintain optimal environmental parameters for your turtle.