Terrarium For Land Tortoise

Terrarium For Land Tortoise

Terrarium for a land tortoise. closed well-ventilated box in which the following functional elements should be installed:

Turtles feel comfortable at temperatures of 25-30ºC. To create an appropriate microclimate, a point source of heating is installed in the terrarium. Under such a lamp, the temperature will be 30-34ºC, at the other end of the box. 25-28 ºC.

Reptiles do not have enough daylight, and therefore equipment with an ultraviolet spectrum is an indispensable element in a terrarium. A UV lamp simulates solar radiation and promotes the rapid absorption of calcium. 10 hours is the minimum day length for a land tortoise.

To measure the temperature inside the terrarium, you need to install a thermometer, to maintain humidity. a humidifier type Ultrasonic fog generator Exo Terra Fogger and a hygrometer.

It should correspond to the typical habitat of a particular species of turtles.

Bathing capacity

In the terrarium for a land tortoise, a container is selected based on the size of the reptile (the animal must be completely placed there).

Dishes for feed

Terrarium For Land Tortoise

Special feeders and drinking bowls are stable vessels, accessible and safe for the turtle. The need to place a drinking bowl in the terrarium is determined by the type of turtles.

So, again briefly about the most important:

Terrarium for a land tortoise. it is mainly a plastic or glass box, which is equipped with everything necessary for a turtle to live. The size of the terrarium should correspond to the size of the turtle. It should also be remembered that you cannot contain a lot of turtles in one terrarium, because this will lead to great competition and aggressiveness between individuals. In a terrarium for a land tortoise, there must be one or more lamps, lamps with sufficient power, as well as an ultraviolet lamp. Mandatory. heater and humidifier. A shelter should be equipped for each turtle, as well as a feeder and ground. For some types of land turtles, there must be a pond. This applies to many species of tropical turtles. At the same time, for the Central Asian turtles, the presence of a reservoir is not necessary.

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