Terrarium For Land Tortoise


Terrarium For Land Tortoise

If one day you decide to brighten up your days with the company of a calm, but at the same time exotic pet and have a turtle, it’s time to find out as much as possible about its contents and care features.

Indeed, the turtle does not require increased attention, it is not fastidious in food, spends time quietly in the absence of the owner, but without a convenient place to live: an aquarium or a terrarium can not do.

Do you need a terrarium?

Do not entertain yourself with the illusion that for this purpose a shoe box or a glass jar is suitable for you. Free life for the turtle is also not shown. Even if the floor is perfectly clean, the constant movement in free space sooner or later will lead the pet to a series of diseases and, as a result, a sad outcome.

Underfloor heating also has a negative effect on the health of the pet. And besides, there is a risk of corny crushing the animal. So, the terrarium is not just decoration of the apartment (a kind of decorative element), but also a real need for the health and longevity of the turtle.

Which terrarium to choose

Terrarium For Land Tortoise

Choosing a terrarium, you must be guided by the main rule. the tortoise’s dwelling should be as close as possible to the pet’s natural habitat. And since there are land and water turtles, their places of detention are different from each other.

The only general condition is the presence in the terrarium of an incandescent lamp with a capacity of 40-60 watts. This can be either a ceramic or infrared heater or an ultraviolet lamp for reptiles (10% UVB).

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The lamp imitates sunlight, which helps the pet absorb calcium and guarantees the strength of the shell and bones of the limbs, as well as ensures their proper growth.

If you choose an ultraviolet lamp, be sure to pay attention to the marking. If UVB is less than 10%. then the lamp will be useless, if more. it can harm the pet. The lamp is replaced once every 6 months.

Terrarium for land tortoise

When buying a terrarium, you must first determine the size of the pet. Do not forget that the turtle will grow. For turtles up to 15 cm in size, the size of the terrarium should be at least 40 cm in height and 60 cm in length.

Terrarium For Land Tortoise

A low enclosed box with ventilation holes, this is what a regular terrarium is like. As a material, it is best to choose a product made of non-toxic impact-resistant plastic.

There are also glass or plexiglas terrariums using wood. They are also quite suitable for keeping a pet.

Only the side that serves to feed the food and the ability to get the turtle out of the terrarium can be left transparent.

Remember that some pets may not perceive a transparent surface as a barrier. In this case, the turtles often beat shell on glass. In this case, it is best to glue the transparent surface with a decorative background.

The shape of the terrarium can be either rectangular or square. The height of the side should not be lower than 20 cm, which will allow to pour soil into the terrarium and at the same time, will not allow the pet to escape.

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It is very convenient if the glasses in the terrarium open in the manner of bookshelves (move in grooves). Another great solution is magnets glass, which can be removed if necessary.

Terrarium For Land Tortoise

Select soil in the terrarium is necessary depending on the type of reptile. As a rule, land turtles are planted with hay or sawdust; wood chips can also be used.

The warm corner under the lamp is best covered with large smooth pebbles. Living plants in a terrarium for a terrestrial turtle are completely optional, but by and large are not desirable. A hungry animal can nibble on the green space and damage the plant.

And besides, all plants need timely watering, which creates additional moisture in the terrarium, which not all terrestrial turtles tolerate.

A terrarium needs a feeding trough, in case you have a tropical pet, you will also need a bathing tank.

And the final touch to the arrangement is the house. Here difficulties are possible with him, since turtles houses are not often found on sale. But if you turn on fantasy, you can build a house for a pet from a ceramic pot, planks, or, for example, use a house for rodents. To regulate the temperature, install a thermometer in the terrarium. Now you can run your pet.

About what terrarium you will need for a water turtle. read in our next article.