Terrarium For Land Tortoise


Terrarium For Land Tortoise

A small pet has appeared at your place. a land turtle. Leaving her running around the house is unsafe. Turtles love heat, and if it’s cool in your apartment, it can catch a cold. Therefore, you need to urgently purchase a terrarium, where a land tortoise will feel comfortable.

Arrangement of terrarium for land turtles

The terrarium size for a land tortoise measuring from 6 to 15 centimeters should be 60 centimeters long, wide. 40, and the height can reach half a meter. For two or one large individual, the size increases almost twice: length 100. 120 centimeters, width and height 50.

In order to know exactly what a terrarium should be, you can make a calculation based on 2-6 sizes of the turtle itself.

Terrarium shape and material

The terrarium for the tortoise is a long box with openings for air access. It is better if the house is made of high impact plastic. Although wood, plexiglass and glass are suitable as a building material.

When designing a terrarium, it is important to remember that turtles do not see a glass fence and can fight against it in search of a way out. Therefore, it is advisable to leave only that side transparent, from where you will get the turtle and feed it. To do this, seal the three sides of the turtle with plain colored paper or use various decorative materials, but on the outside of the house.

Terrarium Equipment

Climate and ventilation of the terrarium

Ventilation openings can be on the sides, above and even below the terrarium. But heating can not be done from below. it affects the kidneys badly.

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Place the incandescent lamp in the corner where the pet is warming and eating. A house is set in a cool, dark corner. If in a warm place the temperature reaches 32 degrees, then on the opposite side should be 25-28.

Where should the terrarium for the tortoise be located?

Before you go to choose a terrarium, decide on a place where it will subsequently stand. If you have little knowledge of the physiology of turtles and do not suspect whether you have a baby at home or an adult, buy a turtle “for growth”.

Please note turtles love to hide. And not only put your head and legs in a shell. Allocate a place on the north side of the house or the darkest place in the apartment for the terrarium.

It is not recommended to place terrariums near electrical appliances: televisions and computers.

Land Turtle Quarantine

For temporary or quarantine pet keeping, a plastic or cardboard box is suitable. But be sure to attach the UV lamp so that its lighting is enough for half the box. Put sawdust so that the turtle can dig into them. And most importantly. in the room where the temporary dwelling will be located, the temperature should not be lower than twenty-two degrees.