Terrarium For Land Tortoise

Terrarium For Land Tortoise

You decide to have a pet. If your chosen one is a land tortoise, this is a good choice: an unusual exotic animal will live in your house that will give you a lot of aesthetic pleasure and joy, the tortoise is quite a quiet animal, caring for the tortoise does not take much time. But, you have to spend money and work hard to equip the turtle in your apartment properly.

How to care for a domestic turtle?

First of all, you need to purchase a terrarium for the turtle. house for your pet. In no case should you keep the turtle on the floor, this will lead to a quick or slow death, as well as various dangerous diseases, especially in cold climates.

The size of the terrarium should correspond to the size and type of the turtle, but the terrarium for the land tortoise should be at least 60-80 cm in length and 40-50 cm in height and width. Some owners make 2-story terrariums for their pets; a slide leads to the second floor. But it must be arranged so that the turtle does not fall off it and does not hurt its limbs (in some turtles, bones become fragile due to improper metabolism and a lack of calcium in the body).

At the bottom of the terrarium should be soil. The soil is selected so that it as close as possible matches the soil of the natural habitats of this species of turtles. Keeping turtles without soil leads to catarrhal diseases of the animal, erasure of claws and, even, deformation of the limbs. At the bottom of the pallet (or right at the bottom of the terrarium), an absorbent diaper is laid out, and a holey rubber bath mat can be placed on top. From above we create soil: areas with hard soil for erasing claws (small pebbles), and soft soil (sawdust, sand) so that the turtle can bury in it.

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With this arrangement of the bottom of the terrarium, it is enough to carry out cleaning once every two weeks.

The air temperature for most types of turtles should be 26-28 ° C. In order to constantly monitor the temperature in the terrarium, it is equipped with a thermometer.

The terrarium must have a feeding trough and a drinking bowl. The feeder and drinker must be stable so that the turtle does not turn them over. An ordinary bowl or plate can also serve as a feeding bowl for a turtle. But feeders and drinking bowls made of heavy ceramics, made, for example, in the form of a recess in the rock, look especially beautiful.

Terrariums for land turtles must be heated with a 40-60 W incandescent lamp, a small heater and an ultraviolet reptile lamp with 10% UVB. An ultraviolet lamp acts like the sun’s rays and helps the tortoise’s body absorb calcium, which is necessary so that the tortoise’s shell is firm and even, and the bones of the limbs do not break and grow properly.

In the terrarium, you need to build a house for the pet, in which she can take refuge. Most often, a house is made of wood, out of half a flower pot, but an armful of grass or hay is also suitable. The turtle needs a small house, enough to fit it there.

The terrarium is equipped with a small tank with water, into which the turtle climbs for swimming. The water level should be no more than ½ the height of the tortoise shell.

To terrarium beautifully complemented the interior of the apartment, decorate terrariums for turtles. For this, various decorative elements and materials are used. Various plastics, bamboo, elements made of natural wood, polystyrene, painted in various colors, etc., are used to decorate the terrarium outside and inside.. it all depends on the imagination and quirks of the master himself, the owner of the terrarium. In addition, decoration allows you to hide conspicuous elements of the technical equipment of the terrarium. heaters, irradiators, temperature regulators.

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A background is created on the rear wall of the terrarium, even black or colored paper can be suitable for these purposes. A drawing is applied to the background or a composition of decorative materials is created, most likely close in meaning to the inhabitant of the terrarium. Artificial plants planted in a terrarium look very nice. You can, of course, put live plants in pots in the terrarium, but the turtle will certainly eat them if it reaches out.

The terrarium must be regularly cleaned and disinfected. During cleaning, the animal must be sent to another room, the terrarium, after treatment with disinfecting compounds, is well washed and ventilated. Items and accessories that you want to place in the terrarium also need to be disinfected (pebbles, sand, etc.).