Terrarium For Red-Eared Turtles – How To Do It Yourself


Today, the red-eared turtle is very common in domestic terrariums. Today, these small animals are imported into our country by the thousands. Unfortunately, many newcomers who try to contain such unusual pets make a lot of mistakes, which quite often lead to the death of turtles. We hope that our advice on the content of these cute creatures will help you make the life of your cute pets comfortable and carefree.

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Decorated turtles (Chrysemys) are divided into eight species. Their representatives live in various reservoirs of South and North America. The most famous of them is a beautiful and slender red-eared turtle.

Terrarium For Red-Eared Turtles. How To Do It Yourself

Its carapace reaches 28 cm in length. The pattern on it and the coloring of each individual are individual. A characteristic feature of this species is two orange, red or yellow spots that are located on the sides of the head.

These turtles are preferred by shallow swampy ponds. At home, they are more often called “red-eared slider” (red-eared slider) for a special way to escape from danger at a very high speed, sliding the abdomen on the surface of the soil, so as to dive into the water more quickly.

Terrarium for the red-eared turtle. how to organize correctly?

All owners of such turtles and those who are just about to start them need to know that they require not only water procedures, but also heat on the land island, the “sun” that you will create yourself. I would also like to note that it is completely optional to spend large amounts of money on the purchase of a fully equipped "home" for your pet. It is not difficult to make an excellent terrarium for a red-eared turtle with your own hands. It will become comfortable and cozy for your pet if you react to this work with a soul.

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What should be the "house" for the turtle?

Terrarium For Red-Eared Turtles. How To Do It Yourself

The water layer should be 40 cm. So that the pet does not go on a trip around your house, the terrarium for the red-eared turtle must be covered with a glass or plastic sheet with perforation, which serves for sufficient air exchange.


Trafficking turtles are thermophilic creatures. They vitally need a heating source. For this purpose, you can use aquarium lamps. The terrarium for red-eared turtles should be warmed up in the temperature range from 22 ° C to 29 ° C. Lower, as well as higher ones, temperatures will negatively affect the state of your pets. You can illuminate the turtle’s home with the help of mirror and ultraviolet lamps.

We prepare water

As already mentioned, the water in the turtle house should have a depth of 40 cm. This is necessary so that your pet can freely maneuver in it. The terrarium for red-eared turtles should be cleaned quite often, but it should be borne in mind that the water for it must be left to stand for at least 5 days. It is necessary to change it not completely, but partially. about one third of the volume. Such a procedure should be performed at least once a week. For replacement it is necessary to use water of the same temperature as in the terrarium pool.

Terrarium For Red-Eared Turtles. How To Do It Yourself

How to purify water?

For this purpose, you will need a filter, which is usually used for home aquariums. This is very important, since timely water replacement and the use of a filter will ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the terrarium. For red-eared turtles, an undesirable high organic content in their home is undesirable.

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A do-it-yourself terrarium for red-eared turtles allows your pet to be close to aquarium fish. Of course, they do not want to be in the same "house". this can provoke frequent conflicts between its residents. In this case, it is better to use a vertical wall of glass, which will separate the aquarium for fish and the terrarium for the turtle. There should be openings in the partition so that water can freely pass, but the inhabitants of the aquaterrarium should not penetrate through them into the territory of neighbors.

Terrarium For Red-Eared Turtles. How To Do It Yourself

In the part where the fish will be, the bottom of the "house" can be decorated with special plants. On the territory of the turtle do not bother to create a beautiful design, it will not appreciate your worries and will gladly eat green spaces.

Vacation Island

Terrariums for red-eared turtles must have a land area on which your thermophilic pet can relax and warm up. Its size should be equal to about a quarter of the entire home.

Such an island is usually a hill of pebbles attached with a sealant. Wooden parts should not be used, since this is an unstable material, and, absorbing water, it will create conditions for the appearance of mold. But natural driftwood, as well as tree bark, can be used for these purposes.

Terrarium For Red-Eared Turtles. How To Do It Yourself

Be sure to equip the lamps above the islet. Warming under them, the turtle strengthens its immune system. You can use a special device for these purposes. a thermostat connected to a glass tube. It is very practical and affordable.

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Terrarium for red-eared turtles must meet safety requirements. pebbles should not have sharp edges. Their size should not be too large so that animals do not swallow them. It is better to replace the green plants of a regular aquarium with various snags and caves.

Remember that choosing a red-eared turtle as a pet, you are responsible for the quality of its life.