Terrarium For Snails


Terrarium for snails

Advantages of glass terrarium for snails:

  • easy to clean;
  • transparent, so snails are convenient to watch.

The downside is the large weight compared to the plastic container.

Basic requirements for a terrarium

Basic requirements for snail terrarium:

  • a volume that corresponds to the size of the cochlea (per 1 adult, the minimum volume is 10 l);
  • so that snails do not crawl out of the terrarium, a lid is needed;
  • air should enter the terrarium (there should be small holes in the lid);
  • high importance should be maintained in the terrarium (place a shallow container of water in the terrarium);
  • the height of the terrarium should be small so that the snail does not damage the shell when dropped.

Arrangement of a terrarium for snails Achatina

The optimum temperature in the terrarium for snails is from 25 ° C to 28 ° C (depending on the species). It is possible to maintain this temperature in the cold period using an incandescent lamp (at the same time, snails should have shelter, because they do not like too bright light).

In the terrarium, snails need soil, which can be used as:

  • soil for begonia flowers;
  • a mixture of sand and peat;
  • coconut substrate.

Terrarium For Snails

Terrarium For Snails

The best option is a coconut substrate (briquetted):

  • well absorbs and retains moisture;
  • soft in crushed form;
  • Don’t get dirty.

The thickness of the soil should allow the snail to dig into it completely.

Terrarium decor for snails

As a decor, you can use:

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Strongly not recommended:

  • place glass and ceramic objects, as well as stones, in the terrarium, since a snail can break a sink when dropped;
  • use detergents to clean the terrarium (the snail may get burned);
  • put the terrarium on the window (the sun’s rays can heat the terrarium too much; hypothermia in winter is also harmful).

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