Terrarium For Snails


Terrarium For Snails

Snails are also great pets because it’s easy to equip a home. Having bought a large terrarium and regularly cleaning it, you will create comfortable living conditions for your pet for many years.

Caring for snails is easy, but as with other pets, you need to provide them with the right living environment to make them feel good.

Snails need to be kept in a terrarium. The cage will not suit them: it is painfully inconvenient to crawl along the wire mesh. Buy a terrarium of maximum size, no less than 45x25x25 centimeters.

Although your snail can only be five centimeters in length when purchased, some individuals grow six times over time!

Which terrarium to choose?

Snail on the run! Make sure that your snail’s house is safe enough, otherwise one day it will certainly pull you on an adventure!

Whatever terrarium you choose, it should be well ventilated.

Home for your snail


To buy soil is simple and inexpensive. Always keep a small supply at home to renew litter in the terrarium every few weeks.

Temperature control

The optimum temperature for snail life is 22 ° C. A warmer “climate” is not a problem either, but the snails will be more active and therefore they will need more food. If you keep the snail in a cool room, place a heater under the half of the terrarium. So the snail will be able to choose the temperature regime itself, moving from one half of the terrarium to the other.

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Finishing touches

You can make the terrarium more interesting by putting several pieces of bark in it so that the snail crawls over them and hides under them. Plants should not be planted in a terrarium, as the snail will simply eat them. For the same reason, do not put plastic plants there. Any bone will serve as an excellent source of calcium, so it is necessary to keep it in the terrarium.

Like other animals, snails will need entertainment. Put in the terrarium different objects on which your pets could crawl and under which to hide.

Maintaining humidity

Snails need a sufficient amount of moisture, as they constantly lose fluid along with mucus. Therefore, it is very important to keep a container of drinking water in the terrarium and keep the pound moist, but not wet.

Your snail’s house should remain wet at all times. Spray litter regularly with water.

Terrarium Cleaning

Daily cleaning

It is necessary to clean the leftovers of food daily and change the water in the drinker. The topsoil should be changed every week, and every two weeks. completely clean the entire terrarium.

No "chemistry"!

Terrarium For Snails

After pouring out the soil, rinse the terrarium with warm water. Do not use any cleaning or disinfecting agents. If your water is hard, wipe the terrarium after washing so that there are no stains on the plastic.

To remove a dirty layer of soil during weekly cleaning, you can use a spoon. Completely change the layer once every two weeks.

Ask yourself: “Is my snail a good terrarium?”


Snails leave mucus on everything they touch, and are very sloppy with food. You will have to throw garbage out of the terrarium daily and clean it weekly. Do you have time for this?

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For growth

Snails can reach gigantic sizes. If you want to keep a large snail at home, buy a large terrarium. Is your terrarium big enough?

Right place

You will need a suitable place for a terrarium, located far from direct sunlight, but not in the cold. Do you have such a place?


Is the terrarium safe? If the lid is loose, your snails will escape. Worse, they can be killed by other pets, such as cats. Can you keep your snails safe?