Terrarium For The Chameleon

Terrarium For The Chameleon

Terrarium for the chameleon

Terrarium can be:

  • from glass;
  • plexiglass;
  • from a system of aluminum profiles and glass;

The best option for a terrarium is glass, because it has:

  • sufficient hardness;
  • transparency
  • resistance to the physical effects of the chameleon.

Plexiglas deforms when heated, easily scratched. Particleboard can produce toxic gases when heated, so these materials should be avoided.

Terrarium for a chameleon from a system of aluminum profiles and glass:

  • easy to disassemble and assemble;
  • makes it easy to replace glass if damaged;
  • grooves in the profile allow you to hide the power wires of terrarium electrical appliances;
  • the shape of the profiles allows the installation of sliding doors.

Disadvantages. Clearances of about 3 mm in the area of ​​the swing door.

Doors can be:

Terrarium For The Chameleon
  • 2 opening outwards (it is convenient to open, but through the gap between the doors the live food runs up);
  • 2 sliding glasses (doors do not bulge when opening outward, but the terrarium cannot be opened entirely);
  • rear panel with a magnetic closure at the top or the lock, and a step insert at the bottom (easy access and a good overview of the terrarium, but the inability to open it a bit);
  • the whole front panel on runners, which can be moved sideways or lifted and removed entirely (convenient access, good visibility, but with a high and large terrarium, the panel is too heavy and difficult to move).

In the terrarium, 2 ventilation holes are required:

  • large on the ceiling for the outflow of warm air (1/3 of the ceiling area);
  • on the front panel closer to the floor under the door (3-5 cm wide and almost the entire terrarium in length).
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The ventilation openings must be covered with a fine steel mesh so that live food does not run away. To order a terrarium for a chameleon, please call: 7 (495) 5 009-49-8 or 7 926 035-24-95