Terrarium For The Iguana And Its Arrangement

If you are determined to make yourself a green iguana, then you may encounter some difficulties. Iguana, a lizard who needs serious care, so you need to think carefully before making such a friend.

If you decide to have this reptile for a small child, then the iguana is not your option.

This animal is for middle and older age. Before you get a little animal, you need to determine how old it will be. After all, for each animal, an individual approach is needed.

Terrarium. The choice of terrarium for the iguana depends on its size. When you start an iguana, you must understand that it will be a big animal. Therefore, you will need 3 terrariums. First, for the cub, when he is still small, a small terrarium is needed so that he does not get lost there and feels comfortable.

When he grows up, you need a medium-sized housing. A large adult animal will be crowded in both a small and medium terrarium, therefore, we accordingly choose spacious housing for it.

If you took the iguana at an early age, the first thing you should do is equip him with his home. There must be some kind of shelter in the terrarium, because the iguanas are very shy. After all, they are raised on a farm, and they are not used to people yet.

Be sure to have a small but deep reservoir so that the animal can dive in there. We choose a large litter so that it does not swallow it with food. In some cases, you can do without litter at all.

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In the beginning, when the animal is not used to the new environment, it is important to cover the terrarium with a fine mesh. In addition, with such a grid, it is less likely that dexterous lizards will not run away at the first opportunity.

The first 2 weeks you can’t touch the lizard at all. After this period we try to pick her up. You need to take it very carefully so as not to accidentally crush it. If ever the iguana feels pain from human hands, then the animal’s socialization will drag on for a long time.

Terrarium For The Iguana And Its Arrangement

The iguana will have to tame again and it will not be easy. She will no longer fully trust a person, and may even be aggressive. If this is a small individual, this is not so scary, and if it is a medium or large lizard, then it will simply attack you.

Iguana at home thermophilic animal. Heating its terrarium is required, otherwise you risk losing your lizard. For a small iguana, an infrared lamp cannot be turned off even at night.

The reptile eats at a time when it feels safe and there is no one nearby. It is necessary to arrange objects in the terrarium so that they are far apart, so that the animal does not accidentally catch on and hurt itself.

In general, these are the basic rules for choosing a terrarium and its arrangement. When the lizard gets used to you, then it will be possible to equip it with various snags and branches for climbing.