Terrarium For The Land (Central Asian) Tortoise


The land tortoise of Central Asia attracts people’s attention due to its calm disposition. This calm and measured is transmitted to the person, which relaxes and reassures him, especially after an active day. To maintain such a pet requires a separate corner, which is called a terrarium.

Without such a corner, it does not make sense to contain a turtle, since it requires special conditions close to natural conditions with the ability to maintain a constant temperature at a certain level, otherwise it will not feel comfortable. Not only that, she can get sick, and the disease is easier to prevent than to treat.

Sizes and materials

In order to make the turtle comfortable, you should immediately take care of a full-fledged dwelling, with all the amenities for a turtle, although temporary housing is also suitable for a small turtle. You can do the following: while it is small and growing, during this time you can start making a real terrarium.

Given that the turtle can grow up to 15 cm in length, the area of ​​such a terrarium should be 0.5 square meters and not less, with a wall height of 20-30 cm. You should not make housing for the turtle, based on its size at the time of assembly, since it grows very quickly the first year or two.

Since the turtle is land and does not need water, it will not be in high humidity in the terrarium and can be used for assembly with ordinary plywood, 6-8 mm thick. Such a box can be covered with a transparent lid, which will act as a door or leave it open. You should not arrange for her a corral on the floor, as the floor can be quite cold.

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Terrarium For The Land (Central Asian) Tortoise

Optional equipment

In one of the corners of the terrarium, a mirror lamp should be installed with a power of 40-60W at a height of 25-35cm. In this warm corner, she will bask and eat. The lamp should warm the air in this place to a temperature of 30 ° C and not lower, but not higher than 35 ° C.

The air temperature of the opposite angle, which does not warm up, should not fall below 23 ° C, while it is not recommended to produce, heating the terrarium from below, this can harm its health.

In the summer, it can be taken out in the sun. The duration of such walks can be 1 hour, but every day, if weather conditions permit.

In winter, when the activity of sunlight decreases, the turtle needs to be irradiated with an ultraviolet lamp to prevent rickets. The duration of such a procedure can last from 10 to 12 hours, while you need to monitor the temperature regime. If at night the temperature drops below 23 ° C, then you need to think about additional heating. You can use an infrared lamp for this.

Terrarium For The Land (Central Asian) Tortoise


It is much easier to equip an interior for a land tortoise than for an amphibian. There is a place to go for a fantasy. For the design of the bottom, you can use coconut bark or smooth pebbles of medium size. Do not use pebbles, sand, gravel, etc. Such a small thing a turtle can swallow and harm itself.

Turtles do not perceive transparent walls and can constantly beat against glass. If the terrarium is made of glass, then it is better to glue it with a transparent film to a height of 10-15 cm.

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For turtles, a small shelter should be organized where she could spend her time quietly. Place this house in a cool, unlit corner. To do this, you can use an old, unnecessary pot, turning it upside down and providing access to the turtle inside the pot. The turtle feeder is set for feeding only. As soon as the turtle eats, the feeder immediately cleans up.

In addition to food, turtles need to provide access to water by installing a small “bath” at the place of eating. Its construction should allow the turtle to easily enter the water and just as easily to leave it. The water level should be at half the level of the shell. It is advisable to change the water in the mini-pool every day.

In conclusion, we can say that this is not enough: the turtle, like all animals, requires not only care, feeding, but also basic attention. And the attention is to ensure that the turtle receives proper nutrition and lives in clean conditions while maintaining the temperature in optimal limits.