Terrarium For The Red-Eared Turtle


Terrarium For The Red-Eared Turtle

The shape of the aquaterrarium should only be rectangular, since turtles do not swim in depth.

Arrangement of a terrarium for the Red-eared Turtle

Do not forget about covers for aquariums. Those with built-in lighting are great. Since the whole area is not always well lit in the apartment, even during the day, UV lamps for reptiles will be needed. And you need to change such a lamp once every six months.

Trachemys grow very quickly and in the first year of life can grow up to twenty-five centimeters. Therefore, when purchasing an aquarium, consider so that all your pets are comfortable and convenient. And we must proceed from the fact that a baby of thirteen centimeters requires a capacity that holds one hundred liters. Fill the aquarium with water so that its level reaches two to three lengths of the turtle, but there would also be a place where your pet could sit with its head out, and if it suddenly appeared on its back, it could easily roll over.

In order for the turtle to feel comfortable, the water area should be filled with water two-thirds of the area, and one-third must be given to land. To combine the two "elements" will require a rough, but not scratching bridge. To prevent the animal from falling out of the terrarium, the bridge should be at a depth of whiter than thirty centimeters.

Do not forget to take care of water filtration. A good filter will not only leave no chance for germs and bacteria, but it will also make it easier for you to constantly clean the terrarium. Typically, a structure is used for these purposes, designed for a volume of water two to three times larger than what is available in the aquarium. But still do not be lazy to change the water once a month.

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Get an immersion aquarium heater. It resembles a glass tube, the thermostat is integrated. This type of heaters is practical, and thanks to it you can maintain a constant water temperature. twenty five or twenty eight degrees.

The turtle will not sit in the water all the time, it will like and “sunbathe”. So take care of the place where she will go "bask". Heat supports the entire immune system of the Red-eared Turtle. Try to make sure that it does not freeze on land. To do this, purchase a sixty-watt incandescent lamp.

The aquarium must be constantly cleaned, because the animals are emptied right there, and this is a great environment for the propagation of pathogenic bacteria.

Terrarium decoration for the Red-eared Turtle

If you want to create not only favorable living conditions for the turtle, but also an aesthetically attractive corner, make sure that all objects that subsequently end up in the terrarium are safe for the animal’s health.

Plants must be non-toxic, because turtles love to taste everything. For the same reason, plastic elements in the decor are strictly prohibited.

If you want to add some stones, make sure they are not sharp. Do not use small gravel, the turtle will begin to “eat” it, which will cause intestinal problems up to obstruction. Only stones are larger than the size of the pet’s head, then he cannot swallow them.

The walls of the aquarium can be beautifully decorated with colored materials. Apply paper in different colors and patterns. The bark of a tree favorably shades the inside of the reservoir. Sometimes mats are used. All this is fixed with glue or with the help of screws.