Terrarium For The Red-Eared Turtle Necessary Equipment

The terrarium for the red-eared turtle must be well and correctly equipped with the help of certain design and equipment. Although the tortoise is considered an aquatic animal, it still requires land, at least a small island. Of course, the water area itself is very important for the animal and must necessarily dominate the land area. That is why red-eared turtles need a terrarium, where they can not only afford to swim freely, but also “sunbathe” on their personal island.

What needs to be provided to the animal?

As a rule, an adult turtle needs at least one hundred and fifty liters of the water volume of its terrarium. To this we add the land area, which is equivalent to about one hundred liters. That is, the terrarium for the red-eared turtle should total two hundred and fifty liters. This calculation is minimal. If you have the opportunity to provide the animal with a larger volume of water, then this is a huge plus. The principle is actually very simple, because the more water the terrarium contains for the red-eared turtle, the more transparent and cleaner it is, it retains the proper qualities for longer, and the turtle will only get better. As a rule, the depth of the water can range from thirty to eighty centimeters. When choosing a terrarium for a red-eared turtle, keep in mind that it’s simply impossible to look away from a tall aquatic terrarium with a floating turtle! This is really awesome. For the maintenance of the red-eared turtle, the total width of its tank should not be less than forty centimeters. As for the fashionable cubic, triangular or angular shapes that an aquaterrarium can have for a red-eared turtle, the turtle will be absolutely uncomfortable in such housing. Therefore, you should think first of all, of course, about the animal.

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Equipment for any terrarium should include the following:

Terrarium For The Red-Eared Turtle Necessary Equipment

1. Special lamp with a safe UV lamp.

2. A luminaire with a mirror thermal incandescent lamp (40 W).

3. A water heater with a temperature regulator.

4. Accurate liquid crystal thermometer.

5. High-quality filter.

In order to make the basic design of the terrarium, you will need:

1. A rug with beautiful artificial grass, made on a rubber basis. This interior item is glued to the land with silicone glue, which is designed for gluing aquariums.

Terrarium For The Red-Eared Turtle Necessary Equipment

2. Background. In order to make it, you can use different specialized films with beautiful images.

3. It is recommended to use not sharp, but large stones for the ground, so that your turtle does not swallow them. The film needs to be cut to the exact size of the rear window and fixed using decorative frames and a special black tape. For exclusive design, you can purchase artificial colored driftwood. They are made, as a rule, of plastic. These snags easily stick to the glass of the terrarium and give the entire underwater landscape a chic three-dimensional look.

4. Terrarium plant. It is a beautiful artificial twig with leaves, a tree or shrub. The plant should be mounted parallel to the filter tube above the water.