Terrarium Ventilation


Terrarium Ventilation

Terrarium Ventilation
Terrarium Ventilation

Ventilation. Why is it needed in the terrarium, and is it needed at all? This and many other questions are answered by this article.

What is ventilation in the terrarium for?

By and large, ventilation completely regulates the microclimate in the terrarium, and the well-being of the animal depends on how it is arranged. If the ventilation is done incorrectly, then carbon dioxide begins to accumulate in the terrarium, and fungi and microorganisms multiply actively, which have an extremely negative effect on the animal. Also, the humidity inside the terrarium depends on the ventilation device. How to make ventilation in the terrarium?

In order for ventilation in the terrarium to be done correctly, a number of conditions must be observed. Usually the openings at the top of the terrarium are not enough for normal air circulation. It is this method that leads to the formation of harmful fungi and microorganisms, because only the top of the terrarium is ventilated, and carbon dioxide begins to accumulate at the bottom, which leads to difficulty in breathing the animal and the growth of harmful organisms. Therefore, it is important to have ventilation on the sides.

At the bottom of the terrarium there should be openings that are air inlets. Due to this, air circulation occurs according to this scheme: cold air enters the terrarium through the side openings, after which it warms up and begins to rise up, where it exits through the upper hole. Such a system will make your pet stay in the terrarium as comfortable as possible.

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How to regulate humidity in a terrarium?

If you carefully study the device of the terrarium and its ventilation, you can understand that the process of regulating humidity is quite simple: the larger the inlet and outlet openings. the less humidity. In order to achieve high humidity, it is enough to reduce the side ventilation holes, as well as partially close the top of the terrarium and vice versa. to reduce humidity. Also, for tropical terrariums, it is recommended to make ventilation holes on the front glass. this prevents it from fogging.

What to do if ventilation is insufficient with a large volume of the terrarium?

There are times when a large terrarium does not receive the right amount of ventilation, and in it the animals begin to feel uncomfortable. To solve this problem, you must install a hood, which is mounted on top of the terrarium and draws air from it.

Unfortunately, not all animal lovers recognize the need for ventilation, as a result of which animals suffer. Therefore, do not make the mistakes of others and take care of your favorites.