Terrariums For Lizards


Terrariums for Lizards

Depending on the species of lizards (tropical, subtropical and palearctic species), the terrarium can be:

  • horizontal (for palearctic animals);
  • vertical
  • vertical type aquaterrarium.

Vertical terrariums for lizards can in turn be:

  • for tropical animals;
  • for subtropical animals;
  • for chameleons.

Horizontal terrariums in length exceed the width by about 2 times, and the height is 1.5 of its width.

Palearctic animals need a wide diurnal temperature range, therefore:

  • Terrarium creates areas with a stable temperature;
  • cooling areas (side vent almost the entire length);
  • areas with elevated temperature (thermal heating is installed on the side opposite to the wall with ventilation, and an electric heating cord is placed at the bottom of the terrarium);
  • doors are located in front.

Tropical animals prefer a relatively even temperature in the terrarium, therefore:

  • the ventilation hole is located on top, on the side opposite to the heating points;
  • the doors are located on the side or front.

The vertical terrarium is longer than the width (or equal to it), and the height of the terrarium is greater than its length. For subtropical animals in the terrarium should be:

  • side and top vents;
  • heating on the side opposite to ventilation.

Lizard Terrarium

For all, without exception, lizards in the terrarium, you need:

  • constant background temperature (day and night), depending on the specific species;
  • ventilation;
  • warm and cold corner (side);
  • daylight and irradiation lamps above the terrarium.

Terrariums For Lizards

Terrariums For Lizards

Terrariums For Lizards

Warm-up lamps and lower heating are installed:

  • at the side wall;
  • at the back wall.
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For local heating are also used:

For lizards, a glass terrarium is preferable, since:

  • the clawed fingers of lizards leave deep scratches on the plexiglass;
  • plywood or chipboard terrarium is harder to disinfect.

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