We Select And Equip A Terrarium


Not sure what a home should be for your pet? We will tell you how to choose the right terrarium and how to equip it.

We Select And Equip A Terrarium

Even in ancient times, people worshiped the inhabitants of terrariums: reptiles and amphibians symbolized the ancient gods.

In the 19th century, it became fashionable to create glass houses that housed animals brought from exotic countries. Then this pleasure was by no means cheap, so not everyone could afford it. But today you can start a reptile at home without any special costs.

The inhabitants of the terrarium do not like temperature changes and direct sunlight, so it is recommended to install it in the northern part of the apartment.

Terrarium material

The ideal option is a glass terrarium. However, keep in mind that the glass must be fairly strong (at least 6 mm thick) so that animals cannot break it. At the same time, a solid structure should frame the glass.

Types of Terrariums

Vertical terrariums are suitable for animals climbing trees: geckos, snakes, tree frogs. Horizontal. designed for turtles and crocodiles. But cubic terrariums, in which you can settle various animals climbing both trees and rocky surfaces, are more popular.


This is a house for animals that need almost no land: salamanders, newts, spur frogs. These amphibians will suit a regular wide aquarium, in which about 50% of the water volume should be changed once a week.

As a soil, put pebbles, a few snags and ceramic or natural stones at the bottom. the aquaterrarium is ready.

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Humid Terrariums

There are heated and unheated. The inhabitants of our climatic zone live in terrariums without heating, and overseas animals need houses with a constant temperature of 40-50 ° C.

Tropical terrarium

Designed for lizards and snakes living on earth. The most suitable soil in such a terrarium is a mixture of peat and sand about 5 cm thick. Also dense vegetation with thick branches, on which animals will crawl, is required.

As a decoration and means of maintaining an optimal level of humidity, you can install a decorative waterfall or a small fountain.


This is a half aquarium and half terrarium that mimics the rainforest. The palladium is at least 1 meter long, 1.2 m high, 0.8 m wide. Such a house for reptiles and amphibians takes up a lot of space, so it is quite rare to install it in ordinary apartments.

Dry terrariums

Small snakes and lizards live in them. Suitable soil will be sand, pebbles and clay, on top should be driftwood or rocky slab. As a decoration, you can place succulents.

Terrarium for turtles

Turtles are the most popular animals found in terrariums. The house intended for them has its own characteristics: there must be a cover, strong glass walls and a thick bottom.

The size of the terrarium depends on the size and number of individuals living in it. One turtle 15 cm long needs 0.5 square meters of area.

Land turtles need only a layer of soil about 5 cm high, and aquatic species also need a pool in which the water level is equal to the growth of the turtle.

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The most suitable temperature of the terrarium is 25-28 ° С, lighting is a 20-30 W fluorescent lamp with a spectrum close to sunlight. It is also necessary to make two ventilation openings: on the front glass and on the cover.

We must not forget that the terrarium for land turtles should be equipped with a drinking bowl.