What Are The Animals For The Terrarium


Some people do not choose their pets from dogs, cats, parrots or rodents, but prefer to have an exotic pet. Special conditions are necessary for their maintenance, therefore it is necessary to get a terrarium. The main thing is that it harmoniously fits into the interior and provides all the conditions necessary for the life of the chosen pet.

So who can live in a terrarium?

In terrariums you can keep:

  • turtles
  • crabs
  • frogs
  • amphibian
  • various snakes
  • chameleons
  • spiders, lizards,
  • snails
  • and even crocodiles, if you have enough space and food for its maintenance.

Snakes are fascinating and scary at the same time. As a pet, it is best to choose unpretentious species that can be tamed. For example, you can get a royal python. These snakes are not poisonous. They are curious, flexible and do not show aggression towards the owner. Another advantage of this type of snake is its rather inexpensive price, and python can live up to 30 years.

You can get a patterned snake. This snake has a complaisant character, and is unpretentious in care. It has a beautiful color from deep green to bright red.

What Are The Animals For The Terrarium

What Are The Animals For The Terrarium


The selection of lizards for the home terrarium is great. A very beautiful representative of these reptiles is the hemiteconix lizard. These lizards are not very mobile, often freeze and are stationary for a long time. They are masters of disguise. Peaceful enough, and do not show aggression towards people.

Another favorite of the owners of terrariums is the felmuz lizard. This is a very nimble and beautiful lizard. Her color is bright green, and on the legs of the sucker, thanks to them she can move on slippery glass.

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What Are The Animals For The Terrarium


If there is no time to care for the pet, or the size of the apartment does not allow, but you really want to have a pet, then you can get a spider. A tarantula spider is best suited for this role. This is the biggest spider. Do not forget that it is poisonous. And if there is no need, it is better not to pick it up. Let him live quietly in his terrarium.

What Are The Animals For The Terrarium


For those who love aquariums and the water element, but want variety, you can get an exotic frog. It is better to opt for a hymenochirus (the smallest of aquarium frogs) or a spur frog (grows up to 15 cm).

What Are The Animals For The Terrarium

It must be remembered that for each type of animal certain conditions are necessary so that they can feel comfortable. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, and create a microclimate that will be similar to the habitat of your exotic pet.