What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers


If you want to have something plant-living at home, but you don’t have enough strength or conditions to keep flowers, you can try unpretentious terrariums. Terrarium. it is not necessarily a glass box inhabited by snakes and frogs. In this case, it is any glass vessel, the more interesting the shape, the better, filled with beautiful materials. Plants play the main role: mainly succulents and moss.

Choose a capacity

There is only one rule for a container: one must be transparent. It is desirable from glass, but plastic is also suitable. The capacity can be either with a hole or hermetically sealed, it will depend on which plants can be placed inside and whether it is necessary to moisten the composition.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

A non-standard vision in the choice of capacity is in any case welcome. You can take not just a jar or a vase, but a bowl of unusual shape, a light bulb or a New Year’s ball.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

Terrariums in glass teapots look charming.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

Terrariums. an interesting way to use IKEA magnetic containers In this case, the lid will need to be replaced with a film that half covers the front of the container.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

We collect everything you need

What materials will be needed to create a terrarium?

  • gravel
  • fertile soil
  • charcoal
  • pebbles
  • plants
  • decorations (stones, figurines, other interesting elements)

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

On plants it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail. Since we are considering mini terrariums, plants should not be tall. Another important point. unpretentiousness.

Moisture-loving plants are suitable for a closed terrarium, various types of moss and fern will become the best choice. The conditions for plants of the bromeliad family from tropical forests will also be pleasant. Soleoli called baby’s tears (English baby tears) is another option.

For an open terrarium, variability increases. Succulents and cacti are leading in size and diversity of appearance, especially since they are unpretentious. Some types of plants absorb moisture from the air, they do not need watering. spraying only. For a terrarium, this will be the most convenient option.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

We fill the terrarium

In the smallest terrariums, only gravel or only soil can be used as the basis, but we will consider the classic and most effective option. over, the materials laid out in layers look beautiful.

Fill the terrarium in the following order:

  • 2-3 centimeters of gravel,
  • 1.5 centimeters of coal (it will purify water),
  • a layer of sphagnum moss so that the soil does not sag (you can skip, but you can put this layer under gravel),
  • about five centimeters of soil.
  • plants

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

Change the amount of materials in this proportion for smaller or larger terrariums.

The remaining soil after planting can be covered with moss. Add models, figures and other decorative elements to the terrarium according to the idea, if any.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

In closed terrariums, water is poured when filling and does not evaporate due to tightness. Such terrariums do not need to be looked after at all. The main thing is to choose the volume of the tank with a sufficient amount of air, otherwise it is better to open them periodically and "ventilate".

Open terrariums need to be sprayed with water from a spray gun 2-3 times a week. Do not place terrariums in direct sunlight, but at the same time make sure that the plants have enough light.

Photo: betterhousekeeper.com, frugalmaterialist.com, ispydiy.com, ragstocouture.com, pinterest.com, gavethat.com

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Date: 2014-01-27

Today we will learn how to make a terrarium with our own hands. And as plants for the terrarium we will use succulents.

You can choose other types of succulents, the main thing is that they are small in size and varied in texture and color. One of the plants should be the "main". in our case, it is echeveria, which will become the center of composition.

2. The sequence of manufacture of the terrarium

We start with a drainage layer with a height of about 3 cm, which we lay on the bottom of the glass sphere. Succulents do not tolerate stagnation of water, so they simply need drainage.

In our case, we created it from colored glass pebbles. For these purposes, any fine pebbles, expanded clay, etc. We took color glasses exclusively for aesthetic reasons.

Sprinkle the drainage layer with ready-made soil for succulents 3-4 cm high. You can use a universal soil mixture, but in this case sand is added to it.

We transplant succulents into our terrarium. Try to pick a variety of plants. In garden centers, you can now find whole sets of succulents about 10 cm high. We will stop at them.

Now pour a layer of decorative soil. Often, such fine and medium gravel is used in aquarium farming. It is found in a variety of colors and is sold either by weight or in various packaging. from small to large.

Buy the smallest packaging because we don’t need a lot of such stones. In our composition, they will serve as a decorative element and keep the lower layer of the earth from shifts.

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To give the composition a complete look, we place some decorative element in the terrarium. It may be something contrasting, like this decoration in the shape of a heart. It can be a beautiful stone or a shell. If you are a fan of naturalness, then you can not add decorative elements.

Terrariums do not require frequent watering, special care and take up little space. But the plants look great, it’s interesting to watch them live their lives behind transparent glass.

For the first time, terrariums gained immense popularity in the Victorian era after Nathaniel Ward, a biologist and inventor, grew heat-loving and moisture-loving plants in closed glass containers that simply could not grow in an apartment or house under other conditions. Mass fashion for such greenhouses in our culture came in the 70s of the last century, although the works of those times were significantly different from modern ones. Nowadays, they have found clearer lines and look more elegant. Many shapes, sizes, as well as the ability to close the inner world of the container with a lid, are increasingly finding their fans.

To create your own living miracle covered in glass, you need to prepare not so much.

To create a home terrarium, you will need:

Capacity of clear glass;

Decorative or river stones;

Filter for coffee or sphagnum moss;

The substrate for growing plants (soil for growing cacti is perfect);

Miniature plants and live moss.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

When choosing a glass container, you should pay attention to the maximum transmission of light to the glass. You can choose any form. Just keep in mind that the capacity must be at least 15 cm so that there is enough space in it to lay the layers of drainage and soil.

Note: In order not to complicate the creative process (for beginners), purchase a container with a wide opening. more than your palm.

So, actually the process itself.

DIY terrarium

Carefully make a 3-5 cm deck of stones at the very bottom of the container. It. drainage.

Lay a thin layer of coal on top of the layer of stones. Coal will serve as a filter to prevent odors.

So that the soil does not penetrate the gaps between the stones, you need to make a barrier. For this purpose, a filter for a coffee maker or sphagnum moss is a good fit. What type of filtration you will use in your glass house for plants depends on your preferences, on the size of the container itself and on the availability of the listed materials. For example, if you think about it, then most likely, coffee filters will soon appear in your house, so you will no longer need to buy sphagnum moss.

Note: Before making a choice between moss and a coffee filter for installing them in a terrarium, note that moss takes up more space than a coffee filter. The coffee filter must be precisely cut to fit the size of the container. Moss needs to be coated with coal, laying it in a thin layer.

After installing the barrier in its place, add a layer of moistened soil with a thickness of 8-10 cm.

Note: Use a tube from a newspaper or magazine, through which you can accurately pour wet soil into the right place in the tank, while not dirtying the glass again.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

Now the most interesting part of the workshop. planting plants. Their choice depends on what type of container you have: closed or open. Before you make a terrarium, consider the following factors. Closed glass containers like those plants that need a lot of moisture. Since such a container cannot be placed in the open sun, otherwise you will cook a soup of greens, shade-loving options are perfect for you. Among them, the following options are very popular among those who are fond of homework:

Soleirolia ("children’s tears");

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

When buying plants, make sure that there are no insects on them. If you find that some bugs are crawling, be sure to get rid of them before placing the plant in a glass container. If you need to treat the plants with some kind of agent, consult the seller about this.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

The open version of the terrarium provides more opportunities, because you can put plants in it that tolerate both shade and direct sunlight, and also like moisture and dry soil. Almost all miniature forms of domestic plants can exist in your tiny plant paradise. Below is a list of the most popular ones:

To plant the selected plant, simply make a depression in the soil sufficient to accommodate its roots. When planting plants in your terrarium, make sure that the leaves do not touch the glass, as this will cause the plant inconvenience to growth. when you see this, straighten the plant with your hand. If the space of the glass container allows, you can plant not one plant, but several. In most cases, it is precisely one central planted plant that attracts maximum attention. But this decision is yours.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

Want to create a landscape effect? You can add several chipped stones resembling large cobblestones to the composition. Some, creating a terrarium with their own hands, use miniature figures of people, railways or buildings. In this case, whole mini-worlds are obtained.

As soon as you finish creating the composition, you can sprinkle the soil with small pebbles or leave everything as it is.

Plant care

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

A closed ecosystem is created in enclosed terrariums, so caring for plants is a bit more complicated. If the plants look slightly wilted, and the soil feels dry to the touch, you should definitely water it. For this purpose, a kitchen syringe is excellent.

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As soon as you see that water flows down the stones at the bottom, stop watering. The most common reason killing plants in a closed glass container. overdose of water. Therefore, adhere to the rule: it’s better not to overfill than to overfill.

Note: A good signal of increased humidity in a closed vessel is the appearance of droplets of water or steam on the glass. If you notice this, open the lid for a while (several hours) until the condensation disappears.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

Caring for an open terrarium requires exactly as much effort as your other indoor plants. Remembering that excess water does not flow from a closed vessel, adhere to the same rule: less moisture is better than more.

Remember the rule of watering: pour in small portions until you see water flowing over the stones of the lower layer.

Recently, a lot of beautiful photos have appeared that depict terrariums with plants. Most of them recall works of art. Many even have tiny copies of objects and figures of fairytale characters. At first glance it may seem that they are very difficult to perform and require painstaking care. However, in reality, everything is much simpler. After reading this article, you will learn what a terrarium for plants is.

What is a similar product?

Just note that they can be of any size. Some can be put on the floor, others are placed on the windowsill without any problems. Those who do not know what a terrarium will be interested in, that in large containers all plants can be planted in separate flowerpots, arranged in numerous shelves.

Flowers placed in a bottle with a narrow neck look no less original. Soil and drainage in such a container can be filled through an ordinary funnel. The plants themselves will have to be planted using long metal or plastic tweezers.

Optionally, you can try to create a composition on a given topic. As an illustrative example, let’s give a desert in a bottle. To create it, you need to pour sand at the bottom of the tank and artistically lay out beautiful stones. From plants, euphorbia or cacti is the best fit here.

Mountain lovers can take advantage of a tall glass jar. It needs to be filled with a thick layer of soil, a large number of stones and pebbles. In such a floraruum, you can plant plants used to equip the alpine hills.

To create the jungle, you will need mixed soil, consisting of sand, decayed foliage and peat. In the foreground, you need to plant stunted vegetation, in the background you can place higher specimens. In this case, it is appropriate to use aspenium, coleus and palm trees of Liviston.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

Those who want to understand what a terrarium is, a photo of which will be presented in this article, will not hurt to understand what factors should be considered when choosing suitable colors. First of all, you should focus on the size and location of the container. So, for florariums installed in a dark corner, where the sun’s rays practically do not penetrate, ferns, a Decembrist plant and some varieties of cacti are suitable. In well-lit places you can plant orchids and heat-loving flowers that require high humidity.

Those who are often absent from home but want to acquire a florarium are advised to opt for agave, succulents and cacti. In addition, do not forget that in one container you can place plants of the same species. It is strictly forbidden to plant moisture-loving and drought-resistant specimens together.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

What is a terrarium for flowers: determining the location

Many people pay attention to these products due to the fact that they do not require complicated maintenance. However, to preserve planted in the florarium, you must install it in the right place. All plants need sunshine. However, glass has the property of enhancing the lighting effect. Therefore, do not put the container where direct sunlight falls. If necessary, you can purchase a fluorescent backlight. But when working with such devices, it is important to strictly adhere to all the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Plant terrarium should be located in a warm, well-heated room. However, it must not be installed in the immediate vicinity of an air conditioner or battery. It is also important to ensure that there are no sudden temperature changes in this room.

Those who already understand what a terrarium is will be interested to know that it needs to be placed on the right surface. It is undesirable to install it on fragile and unstable furniture. It is also important to avoid places that children or pets can reach.

What will be required to create a florarium?

Having understood what a terrarium for flowers is, let’s try to figure out how to design it at home. To work you will need:

At will, you can pick up other types of vegetation. It is important that they harmonize in texture and color.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

How to make a plant terrarium: sequence of actions

You need to start by creating a three-centimeter drainage layer laid on the bottom of the glass sphere. It is necessary because succulents do not tolerate stagnation of water. As drainage, you can use multi-colored glass pebbles, expanded clay or small pebbles.

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On top of it, you need to pour a three-centimeter layer of soil for succulents. If necessary, it can be replaced with a universal soil mixture supplemented with sand. After this, you can proceed to planting plants. Many garden centers sell special succulent kits, the height of which does not exceed ten centimeters.

So that the composition does not turn out boring and monotonous, you need to focus on one of the plants. And the rest should be a harmonious addition.

After this, you need to pour decorative soil into the container, which is often used in aquariums. This element will prevent the shifts of the lower layers.

What Is A Flower Terrarium? Terrarium For Flowers

Having figured out what a terrarium for plants is, you need to understand how to properly monitor it. Succulents do not require abundant and frequent watering. The level of water flowing down should not exceed the height of the drainage layer.

Do not install a terrarium with succulents in a place where direct sunlight. Otherwise, you will not be able to avoid overheating of the stems and roots of plants. Such a florarium does not need special care, so it can be a great gift for beginner gardeners.

Do not be scared when you notice that condensation has appeared on the walls of the terrarium. This is completely normal. If through it it is impossible to consider the contents, then it is necessary to reduce watering. In open florariums, the level of humidity normalizes faster.

Having seen that a fungus has begun to spread on the surface of the soil, it is also necessary to reduce watering. You can use tweezers or a wooden stick to remove some of them. It is important to remove dried leaves and inflorescences in a timely manner, as they often lead to the formation of fungus.

Once every six months you need to apply a little granular fertilizer to the soil. So that the growing plants do not interfere with each other, they must be periodically thinned or trimmed.


The glass container, in which the plants suitable for this planted, can turn into a kind of independent ecosystem. The owner of such a miniature garden will not have to make huge efforts to care for these flowers. But they will delight him with their beauty. In addition, it is not necessary to spend colossal amounts on the purchase of a finished florarium, since it can be built with your own hands.

Recently, it has been fashionable to plant plants in terrariums. So they look even more beautiful, especially if inside the glass containers not only plants are planted, but also miniature figures are placed. At first glance it seems that it is difficult. But this is not so!

What is a terrarium?

Florarium or terrarium is a container made of plastic or glass into which plants are planted. Its opening is narrowed in most cases, but some forms of florarium look like an aquarium.

Plant Terrariums look great in any interior. They are especially good for small rooms where there is no way to arrange a large number of plants. Before you begin assembling the florarium, you should pay attention to some nuances:

  1. The conditions in the tank, due to the narrow neck, are created the same as in the greenhouse.
  2. How is the terrarium for plants ? Very simple. Pebbles or small stones, charcoal, soil are poured at the bottom of the tank. Then plants are planted. You can fill the soil in the florarium through a funnel or folded paper.
  3. Sometimes terrariums are in the form of a display case. In this case, one of their parts is played by a window.
  4. Plants for florarium should be selected based on their need for light. Cacti and ferns grow well in the shade. In a bright place, it is better to grow orchids.

How to make a terrarium yourself

To make a terrarium, you should decide which plants will be planted in it. It is important that they are comfortable developing together and that they do not grow large. The best option is succulents, ferns and cacti.

In this case, it will be easier for you if you give preference to colors that tolerate shadow or partial shade well. After that, find a container of durable glass. Its shape can be any:

  1. Case.
  2. Aquarium. it can be covered with glass on top.
  3. Vase.
  4. Lampshade of the lantern type.
  5. Cap. in this case, it should be lifted periodically so that the flowers can breathe.
  6. Cap in the form of a cone.

After you have decided on the form, you should find a place where you will put the florarium. The air temperature in it should be average; lighting is required, but not in direct sunlight; It is also worth noting that the surface should be flat, away from animals and small children.

  1. Put the soil in the tank according to the method described above.
  2. Lay a layer of moss.
  3. Add selected plants and decorations. these can be shells, stones, decor for the aquarium.

Important! Small animals or insects should not be allowed into the terrarium. They, or plants, will fall ill. And before carrying out work, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the glass container, preferably with antibacterial soap. That’s all! It remains only to enjoy the result.