What Is A Terrarium


What Is A Terrarium
What Is A Terrarium

What Is A Terrarium
What Is A Terrarium

Terrarium. it is a container in which specific living conditions for animals and plants are created. Terrariums can be either closed or open. depending on what (or whom) they are intended for.

There are so many types of terrariums, varying both in terms of humidity and size. In particular, there are special terrariums, the size of which is several large rooms and designed for the functioning of zoos.

What are terrariums for?

As mentioned above, terrariums are intended for plants and animals that need a special habitat different from the place in which the terrarium is located. Inside, a special favorable environment is formed for the life of plants and animals. In order to answer the question “What is a terrarium?” We need to understand that often terrariums have their own lighting and heating, therefore they can be anywhere and animals and plants can live inside them.

What are terrariums?

Terrariums have several classifications, differing by whether the animal lives there, whether there are water bodies there, by size, or by the region where the plants and animals live inside the terrarium. Living inside a terrarium of animals.

If there are no animals inside the terrarium, then this. terrarium designed for plants. If there are animals there, then such a terrarium is called residential.

The presence of water in the terrarium.

There are ordinary terrariums and aquaterrariums. The latter are usually intended for amphibians that require water. These usually include amphibian turtles, crabs, frogs. In such terrariums there is a water part and a part of land.

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Size division.

Another division according to the classification of “types of terrariums” is in size. After all, terrariums come from very small ones. under one plant (mini terrariums) to huge ones, in which whole parks can be located. Division by region where plants and animals live inside the terrarium.

Everything is simple here: terrariums are dry, moderate or wet. Dry plants include those not particularly fond of moisture and animals living in desert areas. To wet. plants and animals of the tropical zone. To the moderate. animals and plants of the subtropical and temperate zone. Each of these terrariums creates its own environment suitable for the survival of just such animals and plants.

Now you should understand why different types of terrariums are used, and how they help to live different. sometimes exotic. plants and animals at home.