What Is A Terrarium


What Is A Terrarium

Terrarium. what is it in simple language

Terrarium is a very interesting, beautiful and entertaining life of small animals, reptiles, insects and flowers. Terrarium is called limited glass container in which you can organize living conditions for various classes of modern fauna.

Water, semi-water, land or mixed. any habitat is created in the selected container with skillful hands and with the help of a minimal set of knowledge about it. Normal living conditions for pets of terrariums are impossible without adequate ventilation, lighting and regular care, and in some cases heated with special devices.

Terrariums are necessary for the maintenance of various species of animals, including interesting insects, original reptiles, amphibians, spiders and many others. Some flora lovers use glass containers in order to grow exotic species of plants and flowers in them.

What are the classes of containers for keeping animals

All special containers can be divided into several types, which depend on from species animal, required for their habitat form, volume and other equally important parameters. If the pet does not provide optimal living conditions, then he can refuse to eat, be in a bad mood and stress, and eventually die.

By volume and size Terrariums are large and small. Volumetric terrariums are often used in zoological and botanical gardens, small and small glass containers are placed in apartments.

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In shape They are classified into:

  1. Horizontal They usually house land animals and reptiles that do not move along trees or vertical walls;
  2. Vertical, in which it is convenient to install strong branches or large wooden roots. This type of terrarium is used for keeping reptiles and insects;
  3. Cubic tanks. They are convenient for keeping such animals that equally move along both vertical and horizontal walls. In cubic tanks it is convenient to place a thick layer of soil and keep small animals and insects digging small burrows there;
  4. Round or conical. Most often used for decorative purposes. They are convenient to grow many plants that prefer high humidity, such as moss or fern.

Terrarium decoration

Decoration of glass containers is of no small importance. Decorating the container area with stones, tree bark, unusual branches of dry trees helps to some extent recreate landscape of a forest or plain, where certain animals live in nature.

What soil is needed in the terrarium

Depending on the creation of the necessary ecosystem for the soil, it is necessary to use natural or artificial materials, for example, river sand, land mixtures, small pebbles and other types of soil.

Green spaces

In terrariums you can place artificial plants from safe for animal materials or true green spaces.

Maintaining optimum temperature

The normal existence of animals is impossible without security optimum temperature in the terrarium. For reptiles that live in deserts, traditionally require good heating, and for Central Asian turtles it is necessary to maintain a low temperature.

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Another important condition for a healthy existence for many amphibians living in terrariums is moisture. It can be maintained using a conventional spray gun or sprayer.

What Is A Terrarium


For most animals and plants, lighting is just as important as the surrounding temperature. The light mode in the terrarium regulates the phases of activity and passivity of pets. For normal terrarium lighting, traditionally simple incandescent lamps.

An additional plus of these lamps is that they slightly heat the glass container. It is convenient to use fluorescent lamps. they give pets intense light and do not affect the temperature when it is not required.

For many terrarium animals, it is vital to install UV lamps. With their help, animals do not suffer from a lack of vitamin D, they have normal regulation of mineral metabolism and stimulate normal breeding process.


One of the important aspects to maintain a suitable microclimate is ventilation. Insufficient ventilation provokes various diseases in animals and affects the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in containers.

High-quality modern terrariums have ventilation, which is based on the principle of thermal convection. Openings are made below them, through which cold air enters the container. It gradually warms up, rises up and out through the holes in the lid of the terrarium.

In especially large containers, the openings may not be enough, so experts recommend installing small fans in them.

Terrarium Care

Each type of terrarium follows keep clean, otherwise, its inhabitants will not be able to avoid diseases and problems. Regular change of drinking and other water, lighting control, soil change. if these procedures are not followed, then negative fungal microflora can settle in the terrarium.