What Should Be A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise


What Should Be A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise

In the modern world of crazy progress, calm land turtles have become increasingly settled in people’s homes as pets. This is due to the fact that it is not particularly necessary to take care of these sedate animals, and observing the calm and measured movements of the pets allows you to restore the balance of vitality and peace of mind.

The main thing is to create good conditions for them from the very beginning, that is, equip the right terrarium so that the turtle feels comfortable and does not need anything other than food. How to do this and what should be the terrarium for a land tortoise will understand.

How to choose a suitable terrarium size

Before buying a terrarium, you need to decide on the breed of the turtle, and know what size each individual grows to. Also need to consider estimated number of animals. If there are still animals to be settled in the premises, then this also needs to be taken into account, increasing the total area.

Calculating how much volume is needed is simple. If you intend to purchase a small animal with a size of six centimeters, but it is assumed that the individual will grow up to fifteen centimeters, the living area should be sixty centimeters long, forty centimeters wide and fifty centimeters high. Two turtles we multiply the sizes by two and so on. But these are the minimum volumes that provide normal conditions for keeping the animal.

Roughly the land tortoise should be large from one hundred to two hundred liters. This is an impressive design, so it’s worth considering whether there is a place in the room for such a large-sized terrarium.

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Terrarium Design and Materials

Choosing the ideal form for placing your pet, you need to take into account the factor that the turtle needs to move somewhere. Therefore, homes need to choose a rectangular shape. It is desirable that the room on top has a lid. This will not allow the animals to travel around the apartment. It will also help to avoid the invasion of other domestic animals, if any, on the territory of the turtles. But on the lid there must be a small ventilation hole through which air will flow.

Almost any material for making or buying a terrarium for turtles is suitable. it glass, plexiglass, high impact plastic. The connecting material can be wood or the same plastic.

As temporary dwellings in which you can overexposure the animal for a short period, ordinary cardboard or wooden boxes of large sizes should be noted. You can also make a pen on the floor. Fencing off part of the floor with a solid frame, laying a piece of linoleum on the floor. But all these are temporary dwellings in which the turtle can live before moving to a well-equipped terrarium.

Animal Care Equipment

List of necessary equipment for a land pet is not so big, but very important for the proper maintenance of the pet.

  • Lamp for heating. This equipment must be installed in every land tortoise dwelling. It is installed in the corner zone where the animals warm themselves. Its power should be from 40 to 60 watts.
  • Lamp with ultraviolet light. Such a lamp imitates sunlight, so it ensures the health of pets living in the room. Also, this lamp helps to assimilate calcium and prevents rickets from tortoise disease.
  • Stable feeder and drinker (separate containers).
  • A house used by animals as a shelter.

What else will you need?

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  • Thermometer.
  • Soil for covering the bottom in the terrarium. This is a very important point to follow. The lack of soil dooms the animal to deformation of the limbs, erasing nails. In the absence of soil cover, the likelihood of colds is increasing. The bottom of the terrarium is best lined with smooth pebbles or coconut fibers. Other small coatings can be swallowed by the animal and cause irreversible effects.
  • Tropical species of turtles need a swimming pool. Not all land turtles do not like to swim, so you need to find out about the preferences of your pet. If it is a tropical turtle, then she needs a bathtub for bathing.

Such a set of necessary devices will provide the turtle with comfort and will contribute to its well-being and long life.

What Should Be A Terrarium For A Land Tortoise

Plants in Terrariums planting is not recommended. The tortoise can take him for food. But if you really want to decorate the room in this way, then you need to conduct a whole study, having studied the vegetation growing at the place of your pet’s residence. Only plants from the animal’s homeland can be suitable for planting in the place of her current residence.

If the terrarium has transparent walls, then it happens that turtles do not notice them and knock on their shells. To avoid this, a visible stop can be made on the walls by pasting with a matte film in diameter the entire terrarium at a height of ten centimeters.

Climate maintained in the terrarium

Turtle afraid of drafts and hypothermia, therefore, a microclimate must be created in the room that will provide the most comfortable living conditions for this animal.

Place lighting devices in the room so that the turtle chooses what it prefers to do at the moment. Warm yourself under a lamp or retire to a cool corner of the room. Where a lamp for heating is installed, the air temperature should be in the region of thirty degrees. In the opposite corner, the air temperature should not fall below twenty-three degrees. It is not recommended to warm the bottom of the terrarium with special tools in the form of rugs, this can adversely affect the work of the animal’s kidneys. Therefore, if the room temperature drops below the specified heating lamp, you need to change to a more powerful one.

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The feeder is set only while feeding turtles. Leftover food is removed immediately after a meal. The place that is best suited for these purposes is the warm corner under the lamp. In the same place should always stand a drinking bowl with clean water.

An ultraviolet lamp in a pet’s room must be turned on daily for at least ten hours. But it is better to extend the procedure to twelve hours. For other inhabitants of the apartment, including people, this lamp is harmless, so do not be afraid of its effects. If in the summer there is an opportunity to walk the turtle in the sun, then during this period an ultraviolet lamp can be omitted. The turtle will get everything you need from the sun.

A tropical species bathhouse should be such that the water can easily be changed daily. But the sides are low so that the animal without outside help can climb into it and get out. This tank is installed in the warm corner of the room.

The turtle is a symbol of wisdom, peace and friendliness. Such a companion can make her owners long years of friendship and mutual understanding, if the owners provide her with normal living conditions.